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Useless Sales Pitch Slides #2

by Rolf Jester  |  May 22, 2013

Having looked at the most useless sales pitch slide of all — the “common differentiators” — in a previous post, let’s continue with #2.  The regularity with which these ineffective slides appear is alarming. It’s as though their creators all went to the same school of bad sales presentations. Probably the second most frequent […]

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Of Budgets, Short-sightedness and Special Pleading

by Rolf Jester  |  May 15, 2013

On May 14th the Australian Commonwealth government brought down its national budget for the year ending June 2014. So the IT pundits in Australia are busy pontificating about the impact of the national budget on the IT industry. Fair enough. That’s their job. It happens in all countries, states and provinces. But as we listen […]

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After Outsourcing … Info-comms?

by Rolf Jester  |  May 1, 2013

A fictional tale. The year is 2023. Celia Young is COO of Tranzco, a midsized distribution company.  She’s also, like all of us, a consumer, has a family, a personal life.  At work she’s responsible for operations, the critical processes that enable sales, supply, delivery and the backoffice functions that support the business. In this […]

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