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How IT Marketers Can Claim a Seat At the Strategy Table

by Rolf Jester  |  April 23, 2013

In too many IT provider companies, especially smaller and emerging providers, the marketing professionals are relegated to marketing communications, possibly demand generation programs and some aspects of branding. That’s what becomes clear from Gartner’s interactions with them.  It also emerged from research we did some years ago into marketing roles within IT providers.  CEOs indicated […]

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Should You Change the Way You Sell Offshore Services?

by Rolf Jester  |  April 10, 2013

An interesting article by Charles Fishman in the Atlantic magazine, in December discussed what it called The Insourcing Boom, an apparent return in the US to on-shore manufacturing.  The article is about manufacturing, not services, let alone IT services.  But if the trend that Fishman discusses is real, could it be that there’s a shift […]

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