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Rolf Jester
Vice-President, Distinguished Analyst
16 years at Gartner
46 years IT Industry

Rolf Jester researches the business of IT services, particularly business and marketing strategy and best practices for IT services providers. He focuses on the IT outsourcing business globally, and also on the IT services market and service providers in the Asia/Pacific region. Read Full Bio

Useless sales Pitch Slides #3 — Awards and Certifications

by Rolf Jester  |  April 4, 2014

I still see them regularly: slides in corporate presentations and sales pitches that achieve nothing. Well actually they do achieve something : they waste time, irritate your audience, or, worst of all, cause them to switch off. Experienced speakers know that audiences are highly likely to drift off to other thoughts at intervals anyway.  You don’t […]

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Do a SWOT on your target accounts

by Rolf Jester  |  February 17, 2014

Many IT service providers are looking at capturing incremental revenue by using pro-active selling rather than waiting for clients to issue RFPs.  That requires research on the target account, and one tool for that is an analysis of the client’s strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats — a SWOT. I mentioned SWOT analyses in the last […]

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What’s the Best Vertical Market?

by Rolf Jester  |  December 13, 2013

I’ve been known to say that if I hear that question again I’ll scream. But screaming has done no good, and the question keeps coming. Research about size, growth and spending intentions of vertical markets alone won’t help you answer this question. The biggest, the fastest growing verticals may not always be the best ones […]

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Which pockets have $100 million or more to spend on IT, but aren’t in IT?

by Rolf Jester  |  June 2, 2013

  Today, I’m introducing a guest blogger, my colleague Derry Finkeldey, who specializes in vertical industry go-to-market strategies.  Here is her post. ———————————————————————————————————————- If your conversations are anything like the ones I have, you’ve been hearing a lot lately about “the growth of the business buying center for IT”, and you may be wondering whether […]

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Useless Sales Pitch Slides #2

by Rolf Jester  |  May 22, 2013

Having looked at the most useless sales pitch slide of all — the “common differentiators” — in a previous post, let’s continue with #2.  The regularity with which these ineffective slides appear is alarming. It’s as though their creators all went to the same school of bad sales presentations. Probably the second most frequent […]

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Of Budgets, Short-sightedness and Special Pleading

by Rolf Jester  |  May 15, 2013

On May 14th the Australian Commonwealth government brought down its national budget for the year ending June 2014. So the IT pundits in Australia are busy pontificating about the impact of the national budget on the IT industry. Fair enough. That’s their job. It happens in all countries, states and provinces. But as we listen […]

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After Outsourcing … Info-comms?

by Rolf Jester  |  May 1, 2013

A fictional tale. The year is 2023. Celia Young is COO of Tranzco, a midsized distribution company.  She’s also, like all of us, a consumer, has a family, a personal life.  At work she’s responsible for operations, the critical processes that enable sales, supply, delivery and the backoffice functions that support the business. In this […]

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How IT Marketers Can Claim a Seat At the Strategy Table

by Rolf Jester  |  April 23, 2013

In too many IT provider companies, especially smaller and emerging providers, the marketing professionals are relegated to marketing communications, possibly demand generation programs and some aspects of branding. That’s what becomes clear from Gartner’s interactions with them.  It also emerged from research we did some years ago into marketing roles within IT providers.  CEOs indicated […]

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Should You Change the Way You Sell Offshore Services?

by Rolf Jester  |  April 10, 2013

An interesting article by Charles Fishman in the Atlantic magazine, in December discussed what it called The Insourcing Boom, an apparent return in the US to on-shore manufacturing.  The article is about manufacturing, not services, let alone IT services.  But if the trend that Fishman discusses is real, could it be that there’s a shift […]

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Useless Sales Pitch Slides #1

by Rolf Jester  |  March 27, 2013

#1 of many … Over the years as an analyst and marketer I have seen too many bad sales pitches from IT vendors.  I’ve found a number of common slide types that appear again and again.  They actually serve no useful purpose.  If you’ve read my research and the recent blog posts you’ll have seen […]

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