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A more serious Friday post…

by Robin Wilton  |  October 29, 2010

If you have five minutes, it’s well worth spending them on a quick read of this blog post by Timothy O’Neil-Dunne. Don’t let yourself be put off by a couple of spelling glitches, because the post raises a number of key themes for online privacy. For instance, he gives a couple of good examples of […]

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A quick Friday post…

by Robin Wilton  |  October 29, 2010

I was at a seminar recently where it was suggested that we kick things off with the usual “round the table” introductions. Everyone gave the usual snippet “Hi, I’m Duli Bergott from Excorp International, I’m in the Compliance team and I’m working on Identity Management…”, until we got to the gentleman who just said “I’m […]

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Eric Schmidt, and other WOMBATs

by Robin Wilton  |  October 26, 2010

Where would we be without him? I’d certainly have a lot less grist for the blog-mill, that’s for sure. My gratitude to Eric goes back to my days at Sun Microsystems: I was one of Sun’s ‘privacy people’ when Scott McNealy made his “get over it” crack… a remark which was thrown back in my […]

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Some thoughts about targeted advertising…

by Robin Wilton  |  October 21, 2010

Something’s niggling at me about online advertising and privacy. I’m still fumbling around with the problem description, to be honest, so this post asks a question rather than proposing a solution. I hope you can and will chip in with your comments and suggestions… The Wall Street Journal’s recent “What They Know” series of articles […]

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The Cyber-war theme at RSA Europe

by Robin Wilton  |  October 15, 2010

One thread running through this year’s RSA Europe conference from start to finish was the topic of cyber-war. If you took the talks from Tom Heiser in Tuesday’s opening keynotes, Richard A Clarke on Wednesday, Ira Winkler and Michael Chertoff on Thursday, and generated a word-cloud, some of the biggest fonts would have to be […]

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RSA Europe: Bruce Schneier on “Social Networks”

by Robin Wilton  |  October 12, 2010

Hearing Bruce Schneier speak at this year’s RSA Europe conference was a pleasure – especially as I’ve discovered that one of the perks of attending on Gartner’s behalf is that I get to sneak in to the Press Q&A too. As you would expect, both sessions were a rich mine of ideas, comment and sound-bites. […]

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Facebook’s approach to privacy: does it still Zuck?

by Robin Wilton  |  October 8, 2010

Facebook had a big announcement event on October 6th, to launch a number of things: one was the ability for users to download all their Facebook data in one big zip file; another was the development of a ‘dashboard’ to show users what permissions and calls are used by applications; then there was the introduction […]

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Do you know Jeffrey Arlen Spinner?

by Robin Wilton  |  October 1, 2010

There has been a court ruling recently with significant implications for organisations with any kind of a data governance regime – particularly if it concerns the handling of personal information. What has triggered this all starts with a Facebook profile… If you search for “Jeffrey Arlen Spinner” online you will find, among other things, a […]

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