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Gartner Features 9 Cool Vendors Serving Retail

By Robert Hetu | May 02, 2018 | 0 Comments

Cool Vendors

Now more than ever retailers must look outside of their normal sphere of technology vendors to find ways to differentiate their customer experience through cool vendors.  This year our retail team has split our cool vendor reporting into 3 different groups focused on critical needs in retail.

Cool Vendors in Transforming Multichannel to Unified Retail Commerce, 2018

As retail CIOs work with the business to transform from multichannel to a true unified commerce offering, the ability to deliver a converged digital and physical experience is critical. This research highlights three Cool Vendors that are enhancing the in-store experience with digital capabilities.

  • AWM SMART SHELF provides digital shelf-edge displays plus on-shelf inventory tracking, shopper data (such as computer-vision-based demographics and dwell time), and operational efficiency improvements.
  • Spacee’s Mixed Reality solution brings a product to life by using a 3D printed or injection-molded plastic product replica of the same shape and size, coupled with interactive projection and virtual touch technology, resulting in a simulated device.
  • Swyft offers retailers the opportunity to sell to customers anytime, anywhere with a fully automated, unstaffed physical store location.

Cool Vendors in AI for Retail, 2018

Use cases for artificial intelligence reach further into retail business processes and resulting customer experience than just providing chatbots. CIOs can use this research to find new and innovative vendors supplying AI solutions that support a variety of retail business benefits.

  • Daisy Intelligence (Daisy) uses AI to improve merchandise planning (promotion, pricing and demand forecasting) results by applying its Theory of Retail to find all relationships between products and other external factors. 
  • FINDMINE’s solution to the apparel outfitting problem enables retailers to deploy a cost-efficient and scalable way to allow its customers, while browsing, to “complete the look” in a personalized manner, thus increasing their propensity to make a purchase.
  • enables a retailer to add a visual search camera button to its mobile website or application in just 24 hours.

Cool Vendors in Retail Merchandising and Marketing, 2018

Customer-centric merchandising and marketing require intelligent automation aligned with algorithms to predict customer behavior and act in context. This research introduces retail CIOs to three vendors that are innovating merchandising and marketing with advance machine learning and automation.

  • Pricexpert from Advanced Pricing Logic allows users to create as many pricing scenarios as needed to optimize pricing through intelligent automation to enable future prescriptive pricing strategies.
  • Duel helps retailers manage and expand customer advocacy marketing via intelligent automation to increase conversion and brand awareness.
  • Rubikloud’s aim is to provide practical adoption and application of AI for global, Tier 1 retailers to help them understand and intelligently engage with customers throughout their life cycles

Each of these reports has robust detail on how these areas will differentiate retail and the vendors highlighted here.


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