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Robert P. Desisto
VP Distinguished Analyst
14 years at Gartner
24 years IT industry

Robert Desisto is a Vice President and Distinguished Analyst in Gartner Research. He is responsible for managing the software as a service (SaaS) research agenda. His research focuses primarily on the use of SaaS as a delivery model for applications. Read Full Bio

Mobile Offline: Back to the Future

by Robert Desisto  |  January 8, 2016

Roughly 3 years ago I started receiving Gartner client inquires about support CRM apps supporting mobile offline mode access for smartphones and tablets. The two most common reasons were mobile salespeople needed access to the app in areas with low connectivity, and IT departments were looking to reduce telecommunication costs.  I first thought that these were just special […]

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Configure, Price, Quote: The market that won’t go away and makes investors millions in the process

by Robert Desisto  |  January 6, 2016

The recent salesforce acquisition of Steelbrick is just the latest in what has been a boon for investors, founders, and employees with equity stakes of acquired CPQ companies. CPQ acquisitions have spanned over 18 years and an astounding $1.5 billion. The $1.5 billion dollars does not seem like a lot in the grand scam of […]

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Gartner 2016 CRM Sales Predicts

by Robert Desisto  |  December 1, 2015

Our 2016 CRM Sales Predicts looks at four main themes: mobile productivity, big data and analytics, partner experience, and smart machines. The focus of our mobile productivity predict is to look at how mobile sales apps improve the salesperson experience and reduce manual data entry on desktops. The mobile predict is very important because it […]

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Gartner Special Report: Engaging Customers in a Mobile Digital World

by Robert Desisto  |  July 30, 2015

Mobile interaction is quickly become the preferred means of communication for customers. IT leaders therefore cannot afford to put off the development of a strategy for mobile digital customer engagement.  The Gartner just released Special Report:Engaging Customers in a Mobile Digital World offers insight for IT leaders supporting marketing, sales, digital commerce and service to help them improve […]

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Gartner Special Report: Defining Cloud SaaS Application Risks and Benefits

by Robert Desisto  |  June 29, 2015

Gartner has just released a Special Report: Defining Cloud SaaS Application Risks and Benefits.  The Special Report consists of a number specific research items that will help companies develop and successfully deliver on a Software as a Service strategy. The Special Report is composed of the following sections: Get to Know SaaS Using a Consistent SaaS Definition Will […]

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Is the Definition of SaaS that Important?

by Robert Desisto  |  April 30, 2015

I often get calls from clients asking me if particular vendor is a true SaaS vendor or not. The problem is the answer is not that simple. Regardless of the answer clients still need to conduct technical and operational due diligence of any vendor they are considering. A quick rule of thumb is SaaS is one of three […]

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Apple Watch Looks Cool, Lacks Compelling Use Cases for Salespeople

by Robert Desisto  |  March 9, 2015

In the past few weeks, CRM vendors have been very quick to show me their latest Watch demos. Although the demos look cool, I question if there is any real compelling use cases for salespeople. I could see alerts being important but the idea of a salesperson reading email, checking the status of sales opportunities, […]

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Optimizing Budget and Contract Terms for

by Robert Desisto  |  January 7, 2015

Gartner has recently published two important research best practice frameworks that will help procurement professionals, and IT supporting sales and service professionals negotiate contracts, and select the most cost effective services to meet their company’s needs. The first research framework, Key Terms to Negotiate in Your Master Subscription Agreement, focuses on specific terms and conditions […]

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Gartner Releases 2015 CRM Sales Predicts

by Robert Desisto  |  December 9, 2014

Gartner just released its CRM Sales predictions for 2015.  The predicts report provides insight into how IT leaders can boost the adoption of sales force automation through mobility and gain a competitive advantage through predictive analytics. Prioritize mobility first in SFA deployments, leverage predictive analytics for sales managers and salespeople, and apply crowdsourcing to sales compensation.  […]

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Gartner Releases 2015 Mobile App and Development Predicts

by Robert Desisto  |  December 5, 2014

Gartner has released 2015 Mobile App and Development Predicts. The report looks at key market forces that will have a significant impact mobile app development processes.  The report finds that mobile apps will continue to undergo a high rate of change over the next few years with short development cycles, the emergence of rapid development tools and improved […]

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