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Two Great Calls This Week: NetSuite and SaaSMAX

By Robert Anderson | February 13, 2015 | 0 Comments

Great to be checking back in with everyone.  Since my introductory blog post, I’ve spent time with NetSuite and SaaSMAX, an up-and-coming provider that I’ve begun to track in my coverage area.

I had a great conversation with NetSuite’s GM for Services Industries, Ed Marshall about NetSuite Services Resource Planning (SRP) that was released back in February 2014. NetSuite SRP targets services organizations with a unified system that extends from Bidding to Billing covering both Professional Services Automation (PSA) and ERP.  The cool thing about this solution in my mind is how it pulls everything together across the traditional silos, supports both products and services, and provides multi-model billing capabilities for service delivery across the value chain from fixed fee, to milestone and to time-and-materials. Anyone following the technology services sector, in particular, knows that business models are shifting quickly and require various forms of billing and revenue recognition that can be quite complex. Of course, NetSuite also has its stand-alone PSA solution, OpenAir, which provides strong professional services capabilities that can be matched with just about any core financials or CRM solution.  We’ll be keeping track of NetSuite’s SRP going forward to see how it’s gaining momentum and how it’s fairly broad based capabilities are being enriched.

So what about SaaSMAX?  Many software end-users probably haven’t heard of them yet, but they offer a cloud marketplace for developers of software applications to showcase their offerings on one hand and for resellers to discover and subsequently partner with them for distribution on the other.  Net sum, it’s a developer-to-reseller cloud marketplace.  What a novel idea, right?  Think for a moment: the growth of cloud has brought tons of application developers out of the woodwork, many of them without the funding or expertise to seek out distribution partners.  Presto!  SaaSMAX, a marketplace for both parties to find each other.  As time goes on I hope to follow new marketplace providers like  SaaSMAX as they attempt to transform markets  and address the traditional constraints that have curtailed innovations from getting airtime.

That’s it for now folks.  Until next time!

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