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Robert Anderson
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36 years at Gartner
36 years IT Industry

Bob Anderson is Research Vice President responsible for covering online business application marketplaces ("app stores")and ERP for services industries. Read Full Bio

The Start of a Different Sage?!

by Robert Anderson  |  August 14, 2015

One can only hope.  By all appearances that seems to be the case.  IMHO opinion for the last decade Sage has been mired in the past, disbelieving and distrusting that trends like cloud need be taken seriously, instead wholly focusing on listening and responding to current customers and partners who had a stake in feeling […]

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SYNCHRO and Invoiceware International Address LATAM Tax Challenges

by Robert Anderson  |  July 31, 2015

A market’s heating up that isn’t called out very much that’s particularly relevant for businesses seeking to enter and do business in Latin America. Its name: E-invoice compliance solutions. Many countries, from Brazil to Mexico, Argentina, Chile and now Ecuador have specific regulations for businesses related to ensuring they capture and report financial transactions in […]

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Musings on SAPPHIRE NOW 2015

by Robert Anderson  |  June 10, 2015

From SAP’s Partner Summit last month, I dived head-long into the SAPPHIRE NOW main event plowing through a busy schedule of keynotes, executive meetings, as well as a number of partner visits on the vast but highly navigable expo floor. Bill McDermott gave a decent keynote (but if I hear one more endearing pet dog […]

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SAP Global Partner Summit Ushers In PartnerEdge 2.0

by Robert Anderson  |  June 4, 2015

My visit to SAPPHIRE this year started with a day at SAP’s Global Partner Summit, attended by 800 of its 13,000 partners worldwide, where in a presentation titled “PartnerEdge 2.0” SAP Global Partner Operations (GPO) President Rodolpho Cardenuto laid out the theme of the day as: “Partners First, Simple Wins, Deliver Value”  underpinned by a […]

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People Platform to Take Center Stage in Unit4 Re-branding

by Robert Anderson  |  April 28, 2015

Unit4’s products fit smack-dab in the ERP domain I cover: services industries. Its products are designed around people-centric businesses like public sector, professional services, education, not for profits, and real estate.  In fact, the first two segments I just mentioned account for more than one-third of its installed base of 30,000 customers. That said, if […]

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Cloud ERP Showdown to Heat Up With SAP ByDesign on HANA

by Robert Anderson  |  April 22, 2015

I recently met with Dr. Michael Schmidt and Rainer Zinow, both principals from SAP’s cloud-based ByDesign ERP team and can only conclude that contrary to much editorial speculation over the last year, SAP Business ByDesign (“ByDesign”) not only lives but is poised to thrive and become much more competitive from a product, marketing and partnering […]

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First Thing Monday: 2/23/2015

by Robert Anderson  |  February 22, 2015

Visits/Calls Planned This week I’ve got calls scheduled with Oracle and Microsoft Dynamics to dig into their ERP plans for 2015. I’m also working on polishing up a refresh of last year’s IBM Midmarket SWOT and finishing a Competitive Landscape for Cloud Application Marketplaces. Finally, I’m teeing up and starting to talk to vendors in […]

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Two Great Calls This Week: NetSuite and SaaSMAX

by Robert Anderson  |  February 13, 2015

Great to be checking back in with everyone.  Since my introductory blog post, I’ve spent time with NetSuite and SaaSMAX, an up-and-coming provider that I’ve begun to track in my coverage area. I had a great conversation with NetSuite’s GM for Services Industries, Ed Marshall about NetSuite Services Resource Planning (SRP) that was released back […]

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Welcome to my blog

by Robert Anderson  |  February 4, 2015

Hi everyone. After 19 years at Gartner as an analyst focused on SMB business applications, including stints that have included covering wholesale distribution and transportation verticals and recently leading an SMB-oriented practice and agenda, I’ve taken on a new role in 2015 covering ERP for services industries and online business application marketplaces. I’m excited to have […]

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