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Process Manufacturing Context for Manufacturing Execution Systems

By Rick Franzosa | December 07, 2017 | 0 Comments

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The Manufacturing Execution Systems market has always been fragmented by industry and technology.  A Magic Quadrant cannot do justice to the nuanced differences, so in conjunction with the release of the Magic Quadrant for Manufacturing Execution Systems, there will be six industry specific context documents.  These documents focus on the unique challenges in the industry, and feature MES vendors not found in the Magic Quadrant document.  This document covers process manufacturing companies as a group.


The process manufacturing industries represented by the vendors in this note are a sub-segment of process manufacturing that has specific functional needs based on the products they produce. These functional requirements often start in R&D/engineering with product formulations, equipment recipes and process definitions. They also include production planning/scheduling, product and process optimization, logistics, transportation, and warehouse management. The solutions below are designed to fill the need for their specific industries, not only for manufacturing execution, but also for the entire engineering, manufacturing and supply chain planning/execution for these industries. There may be pure-play vendors that have better point solutions, but the vendors in this note have better end-to-end coverage.

These vendors may never achieve the broad market share of the vendors profiled in the Magic Quadrant for Manufacturing Execution Systems. However, they are capable of providing exemplary solutions in their expert space.  To dig deeper, follow this link.

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