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Automotive Context for Manufacturing Execution Systems

By Rick Franzosa | December 06, 2017 | 1 Comment

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The Manufacturing Execution Systems market has always been fragmented by industry and technology.  A Magic Quadrant cannot do justice to the nuanced differences, so in conjunction with the release of the Magic Quadrant for Manufacturing Execution Systems, there will be six industry specific context documents.  These documents focus on the unique challenges in the industry, and feature MES vendors not found in the Magic Quadrant document.  This document covers the Automotive market.


The automotive industry is a discrete manufacturing industry that has many characteristics in common with process manufacturing. These include high levels of automation (robotics, programmable logic controllers [PLCs], vision systems and automated assembly lines).

The challenge for automotive is the different configurations of manufacturing execution system (MES) that are needed across press/stamp, body in white/paintshop and final assembly. For example, the main focus of an MES in automotive assembly is not to provide instructions and interactions with the line worker, as it is in many other manufacturing areas. Rather, the main focus of an automotive assembly MES — and of the entire operation — is keeping the assembly line moving. The MES focus is on tools to help production management identify, diagnose, predict and solve any issues that could cause disruption. MES vendors in this space are more attuned to capabilities for data analysis, alarms, analytics and the like.

This context note explains in detail what some of the unique challenges are in automotive MES, and showcases a pair of vendors that offer unique capabilities in automotive MES.   Find all of the details here.

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  • Cheryl Beebe says:

    The unique pressure on the industry stands out from many other manufacturing operations. It’s all about getting the best car to market first.