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Enterprise Mobility Management Evaluation Criteria and In-Depth Assessments have Published

By Richard Jones | January 15, 2015 | 0 Comments


The Gartner for Technical Professionals Mobility team has just published the most recent Enterprise Mobility Management (EMM) Evaluation Criteria (EC) document, but more importantly for the first time, we have published three product In-Depth Assessments (IDAs). Here are the links:

Evaluation Criteria for Enterprise Mobility Management Suites

In-Depth Assessment of MobileIron Version 6.0/7.0

In-Depth Assessment of VMware AirWatch Version 7.2

In-Depth Assessment of XenMobile Version 9.0

This research represents 236 criteria across 10 major categories for each vendor. Not only can this be used when preparing Vendor Request for Input (RFI) documents, but in evaluating the fit and function of an EMM solution to your organizations’ needs.

As always, Gartner recommends that you review the criteria against your specific needs and make adjustments/exceptions so that the criteria is customized to your organization. The categorization of each criteria between “Required”, “Preferred”, and “Optional” for enterprise production deployment that Gartner Analsyts make represents the general IT industry needs, so it will be close to but not exactly match your specific needs.

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