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Back on the Blogging Network

By Richard Jones | November 30, 2010 | 0 Comments

I guess one may call it a comedy of errors.  Last August, I upgraded my Gartner laptop to Windows 7 from Windows XP.  I like Windows 7, but during the transition, the VPN client that we Gartner Analysts use didn’t get configured correctly.  Now fixing it requires being connected to the internal Gartner network so that IT can manage my machine without the VPN client loaded.  Here’s the catch 22 – I work from a home office, so in order to fix my issue, I had to schedule time to travel to a Gartner office when I could meet with someone from IT to re-install and configure the client.

Travel travel travel – and just plain being busy made weeks turn into months and finally just before the US Thanksgiving break, I got a chance to meet up with IT in a Gartner office to get the reconfiguration done.  Yahoo!  Now I am able to get back into the blogging network (sorry for the silence so long.)

This is one of those examples when a heavy travel schedule prevented me from getting to needed maintenance, and things just had to wait.

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