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Richard Gordon
Research VP
14 years at Gartner
23 years IT industry

Richard Gordon is a research vice president in Gartner Research. He has worldwide responsibility for Gartner's Global IT Market Forecasting. Read Full Bio

In the Modern World of IT, All Things Are Connected

by Richard Gordon  |  February 24, 2014

And so to another year. In our forecast kick-off meeting for 2014, we discussed possible themes for our quarterly webinars during 2014 (the first is on 8 April). There was plenty to talk about. Without giving too much away, a few of the topics we’re likely to touch on at some point include context-aware computing, […]

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Reassessing Emerging Markets: Now It’s All in the Detail

by Richard Gordon  |  November 28, 2013

Time to take a fresh look at emerging markets. Everyone of late has been saying how important they are – not least me (see various earlier posts). But it seems that now we need to look at our assessment a bit closer. Growth in emerging markets has been slowing lately… but let’s not completely dismiss […]

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Mega Data Wranglers Using Hyperscale To Bring Efficiency and Choice to the Data Center Market

by Richard Gordon  |  October 1, 2013

There is no such thing as “typical enterprise IT spending”. The reality is there are distinct segments, each with their own different business drivers, different IT capabilities and different IT architectures. Take the data center infrastructure market, where we’re increasingly thinking in terms of four key customer segments: SMB, large enterprise, service providers and hyperscale. […]

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How Software Automation May Have Gone Too Far

by Richard Gordon  |  September 6, 2013

Why do we need software? The simple answer is that it manages complexity. The more complex economic activity becomes, the more software is needed to manage and coordinate that activity. If companies want to stay innovative and cutting-edge, they need the latest software. Historically, software sales to companies have been dominated by two regions: North […]

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Economic Growth Focus Turns to Africa as the BRIC Start to Splutter

by Richard Gordon  |  August 27, 2013

In all the years I’ve been researching IT markets, one big elephant in the room has always been Africa. In relation to global technology trends and their economic impact, this vast, populous, resource-rich continent has always been lumped in with other categories – “Europe and the Middle East”, “Rest of World” or simply “Other” – […]

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Are You Taking Emerging Markets Seriously?

by Richard Gordon  |  August 27, 2013

The more I think about emerging markets, the more the term “emerging” seems a misnomer. When I hear countries and regions described as “emerging”, I have a vision of them as hunched creatures shuffling out of a dark hole somewhere, blinking in the bright sunlight as smiling Western nations beckon them forth into a wonderful, […]

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Will 3D Printers Rise to Rule the Manufacturing and Consumer Worlds?

by Richard Gordon  |  August 5, 2013

What about replacing that traditional family portrait with individual figurines of your loved ones? You`ll need to get yourself to Hamburg and scanned by Twinkind who then create 3D-printed lifelike models. It doesn`t come cheap however, with prices starting from €225 for a 15cm model up to €1,290 for 35cm! 3D printing is an additive […]

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Re-shaping the World of IT: All Power to the Humble Consumer

by Richard Gordon  |  July 22, 2013

In a post a few weeks ago, I touched on the difference between “professional” (or business) computing devices and “consumer” ones, and how the boundary between them is becoming blurred, thanks to the rise of mobility and “bring your own device” schemes. The implications of all this haven’t been lost on other commentators too – […]

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March of the Turbo-Charged, Spectrum-Stealing Zombies! The Strange and Bewildering Effects of Mobility

by Richard Gordon  |  July 8, 2013

Back to mobility, one of our big themes at the moment. To tie in with Gartner’s webinar on the subject this week (Tuesday 9July at 4pm UK time), let’s look at some unusual and largely unforeseen impacts that mobility is having on the world of technology. Where better to start than with zombies. You’ve heard of […]

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Next generation console technologies to excite consumers, increase semiconductor content

by Richard Gordon  |  June 24, 2013

These past couple of week have been an exciting time for gadget lovers, RAM sellers and semiconductor analysts. Two major events clash with Apple’s Worldwide Developer Conference (often home to new Mac and i-gadget reveals) banging heads with Electronic Entertainment Expo in Los Angeles, where Microsoft and Sony start the major push for their next-generation games […]

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