This blog is for marketers and salespeople.  Although we focus on those who market and sell technology solutions, many of the things we discuss apply to any marketer.

For example, how can you improve response rates when it comes to marketing copy? Studies show that people have a distinct hierarchy when they pick up any written material from newspapers and magazines to ad copy and brochures:

· First, they read headlines

· Next subheads

· Then, they look at pictures, graphics and captions

· And, then callouts

If your copy passes these hurdles readers go to the text. So spend some time on our headlines since this is the copy that stops a reader cold or abandon you.


How to calculate power and cooling costs.

How to double your online revenues

How to retain your best customers

How to retain your best talent


What’s wrong with the antivirus industry?

Why sales training doesn’t work

Where to find more loyal customers

What action you should stop doing

What best practice you should implement right now, today



The one thing you should never do

The one thing that contributes most to business failures

The one thing every company should be doing

Think of your copy as a hierarchy of purpose. A headline motivates your audience to read the subhead, which motivates them to look at captions, and so on. Give it a try and let me know if response rates improve.


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