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What is Gartner Peer Insights?

Gartner Peer Insights is the undisputed leader for Enterprise software and service buyers, Gartner Peer Insights helps customers grow their businesses by connecting them with experienced, verified IT professionals. Our platform is free and open to the public.

With over 50,000 verified users and 380,000+ published reviews, Gartner Peer Insights represents the unfiltered, firsthand experiences of the enterprise technology buyer. All reviews are anonymous, fully vetted and authenticated by Gartner.


Why Gartner Peer Insights?

Unleash the Power of Reviews with Peer Insights

Exposure Within Gartner Research: Gartner Peer Insights reviews are one of the sources of customer input information that may be considered, along with a variety of other factors, by Gartner experts as part of Gartner’s rigorous research process.


Leverage Reviews for Sales and Marketing: You can quote reviews in your marketing materials and equip your sales team with authentic reviews verified by Gartner.


Badge Recognition: Customers’ Choice recognizes vendors with a record of excellence in a given market, while Customers’ First reiterates your commitment to valuing all customer feedback. Recipients of these programs receive Gartner-certified badges for your profile and external marketing efforts.


Inclusion in Gartner Research Documents:


  • Peer Lessons Learned: This is a thought leadership document that synthesizes lessons learned from end users who have implemented a software or IT service.
  • Voice of the Customer: This report compares vendors based on their Peer Insights reviews from customers. The synthesized data from these customer experiences helps technology buyers contextualize expert research like Magic Quadrants for their technology shortlisting activities. In some cases, the Voice of the Customer could be used as an alternative to a Magic Quadrant or Market Guide based on a vendor’s inclusion. These reports are also available to reprint.



Gartner Moderated

All Gartner Peer Insights reviews go through a strict moderation and validation process. Reviews cover Product Capabilities and the entire technology life cycle including:


  • Evaluation
  • Implementation
  • Service & Support

With over 4,000 vendors listed on our platform and 360+ markets, traffic to Gartner Peer Insights continues to grow exponentially. Your enterprise prospects are reading Gartner Peer Insights with public sector organizations accounting for over half the readership.


Who in your organization should be involved with Gartner Peer Insights?

  • Customer success teams/customer relationship managers: These roles are there specifically to support the client and make their experience as positive as possible, meaning clients tend to view them as a trusted resource. This can make the client more amenable to sharing their feedback.
  • Account managers: Your account teams have a good incentive to get people to submit reviews. Not only do reviews strengthen the brand, but account managers can use those reviews to supplement the reference process.
  • Marketing: To ensure that your campaign messaging is consistent with your organization’s branding and voice, work with your marketing team. They will also be a great resource to work with as you branch out with campaigns to reach a broader client base. Marketing should also be involved when you begin quoting review content in promotional or branded content as well.

If you are new to Gartner Peer Insights, please set up an Onboarding. Otherwise, please reach out to your Program Manager directly for additional questions. You can also email