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Top Three Ways to Make Your Event a Success

A Conversation with Customer Advocacy Manager Cache Walker, Ivanti.

Customer advocacy has always been a dependable, self-sustaining way to promote and grow your brand. Event engagement is an effective way to not only generate reviews on Peer Insights, but also convert clients from customers to brand advocates.

We spoke to Cache Walker, Customer Advocacy Manager at Ivanti, about the Ivanti Interchange Event 2018 in Dallas, Texas. In our conversation, Cache detailed the 3 reasons the event was such a success for his Ivanti Insider Customer Advocacy Program.

1. Regular and Consistent Communications

Our communications to attendees about our Advocacy Program and our expectations for them were consistent across multiple channels. We were very straightforward about how we define a true customer advocate, and open about how giving back and contributing reviews are a piece of that.

We made sure our messaging was cohesive and deliberate throughout each phase of the event. In fact, before the event even started, several reviews had already been sourced. The attendees just needed to claim their gift on-site, which was another opportunity for engagement.

It was important attendees understood becoming an “Ivanti Insider” was our primary call to action – actually writing a review was secondary and would naturally follow. First we established what an Ivanti Insider was, what our advocates do – then we encouraged them get started by leaving a review and becoming a part of the community.

2. Location and Presentation

It’s important to make your presence known at any event. We went big with our space and didn’t settle for only a desk. We made sure to have at least 6 laptops, big signage, and a lot of branding. We wanted our space to be a destination for attendees, and to offer them a full program.

Location and Presence

We made Ivanti Customer Advocacy an experience, and one that was easily and clearly identifiable.

3. Event App

Our Event App was crucial in engaging attendees on-site. Our app prompted them to complete advocacy-related challenges and accrue points.

Location and Presence

This gamification introduced additional motivation to the Advocacy Program and directly encouraged attendees to interact with us and participate in review submission at the event.

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