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How can I ensure my products and services get reviewed?

Reviews are submitted by users at their discretion. You are free to reach out to your customers and encourage them to submit reviews. While reviewers do not need to be Gartner clients to submit a Peer Insights review, they must be qualified IT professionals or technology decision makers and will be subject to the validation and approval process described in these FAQs.

Below are some guidelines to help you invite customer involvement in a manner that is fair and most likely to generate honest and thorough reviews:

  1. Invite customers who have had direct experience with the selection, implementation and/or service & support of your company’s products or services to submit a review.
  2. Thank your customers for providing feedback.
  3. Publicize improvements or changes you’ve made as a result of customer feedback.

Guidance you may want to include when reaching out to your customers:

  1. A brief overview of Peer Insights. (Sample language is provided in “Create a Review Sourcing Link”).
  2. Instructions and a site link (via a custom URL) that takes reviewers directly to the relevant survey.
  3. Reminder that reviews take approximately 10 minutes to complete and are completely anonymous.
  4. Reminder that Gartner’s validation process ensures that all reviews are authentic and readable, and as such it can take several business days for a review to be posted once approved.

Please be mindful of the following additional guidelines:

  1. Your employees may not review your company’s offerings or your competitors’ offerings;
  2. You should encourage customers to write high-quality, honest and thorough reviews with explanatory comments;
  3. You may not solicit only positive reviews.

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Are there email templates and strategies we can see?

Yes, once you have access to Tech Provider Tools you find various templates and resources that you can use to source more reviews.

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Can you help us source reviews?

We have a dedicated team to offer guidance and support sourcing reviews, including best practices, templates and event expertise. We’ve helped clients source hundreds of reviews within a couple of weeks. We also provide self-help tools through our Technology Provider Tools portal to enable you to generate your own review sourcing links and track your progress.

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May I offer my customers incentives to submit reviews?

We do not endorse providing incentives to customers for submitting reviews; however, if you decide to offer incentives:

  1. Ensure your incentive is of nominal value, defined as less than $25, and aligns with your company’s and your customers’ policies on accepting gifts.
  2. Do not only offer incentives for positive reviews, even if indirectly. Offer incentives for all reviews and offer them to all customers you invite, not just the happy ones.

In order to assist each vendor in their sourcing efforts, Gartner will provide your first 50 approved reviews with a $25 gift card (gift card option is based on the reviewer’s location). You can create your review sourcing links and opt-in to distribute incentives to reviewers directly through your Technology Provider Tools portal.

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Do you have to be a Gartner seatholder to have access to the TPT?

No, you do not have to be a seat-holder or a Gartner client to access the TPT. Gartner Peer Insights is a free peer review and ratings platform designed for enterprise software and services decision makers.

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How do I add other members of my team to the TPT?

You can add colleagues to the TPT on the Team page under the Profile tab in the TPT portal.