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What is the Gartner Peer Insights ‘Voice of the Customer’?

The Gartner Peer Insights Voice of the Customer is a Gartner research document that synthesizes Gartner Peer Insights’ content in a specific market for the previous year. This peer perspective along with the individual detailed reviews are complementary to expert research and was developed as an additional resource for end-users in their buying process.

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Which markets are/will be covered by the Gartner Peer Insights ‘Voice of the Customer’ report?

It is our intention to publish a Gartner Peer Insights ‘Voice of the Customer’ research document approximately 4 months after the corresponding MQ/MG publication. This is subject to markets on Gartner Peer Insights where there is a certain level of market maturity, based on the number of reviews in the market and representing vendors. We will maintain the most up-to-date calendar.

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Will I get this document to review before it publishes on the site (like we do for the MQ)?

The data used in the report is entirely based on end-user reviews and ratings that is are available on the Peer Insights site. As a courtesy heads-up, we will share a draft directly with the vendors included in the document approximately 2 weeks ahead of report publication.

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Is there a minimum criteria required in order to publish a Voice of the Customer document for a market?

Gartner reserves the right to selectively publish a Voice of the Customer document based on our determination of the value of that document to our end users. Currently we will only consider a Voice of the Customer document in markets where there is a certain level of market maturity (representing vendors and number of reviews) on the Peer Insights platform, and more than 4 vendors represented in the document. Only vendors with more than 10 reviews during the one-year submission eligibility period are included in a Voice of the Customer research document.

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Is there a limit to the maximum number of vendors that can be listed in a Voice of the Customer document for a market?

Yes, there is a limit. The Voice of the Customer document was specifically created to help end-users shortlist vendors in their buying/selection process. Peer Insights has selected the limit to be high enough that end-users will find options they might not know about but still focused enough that it will be effective to use in the end user’s process.

Currently, Gartner Peer Insights limits the number of vendors included in the document to 25. If more than 25 vendors meet the inclusion criteria, the 25 vendors with the highest number of eligible published reviews will be included. If two or more qualified vendors with the same number of eligible reviews tie for the 25th position, all vendors in the tie will be included in the document.

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Why are the images in this report sorted by number of reviews vs. sorted by rating (that was in the earlier VoC reports)?

End-users balance both the number of reviews and ratings when analyzing the Peer Insights data in a given market.

The number of reviews gives the confidence in ratings (and indirectly indicates the market presence of the vendors).

This iteration helps the end-users see both the data points of ratings and reviews by presenting the information in a bar chart with confidence interval on ratings, and also sorting the number of reviews.

End-users prefer this version for their decision making, but we will continue to collect feedback from end-users and iterate.

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Can we leverage this document as a reprint? What is price for the reprinting this document?

The Gartner Peer Insights ‘Voice of the Customer’ document is able to be licensed as part of the Gartner reprint program to support your sales enablement, lead generation, and content marketing strategies. This Peer Insights research document reprint follows the same policies and pricing guidelines as any other research note reprints (e.g., MQ, critical capabilities). Existing Reprints clients may use an existing document “slot” for Peer Insights content. Please contact your account executive for more details.

The document provides valuable synthesized insights from our reviews that complement the analyst perspective in a format your clients could easily share with their investment committees.

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If I can get this information from the free Peer Insights site, why should I buy the reprint?

We developed the PI research note as we heard consistently from end-users that they need a better shortlisting tool in a format they could easily share with their investment committees. The research note synthesizes the key insights from all the information available on the site using our proprietary methodology.

Although the data is available on site, the images that synthesize the information is not available. For example, the Customers’ Choice chart (Figure 1), the Magic Quadrant position for the vendors (Figure 2), the confidence range in the ratings (Figure 3) are only available through this document.

It includes only a smaller set of eligible vendors, and shows their ratings over a fixed period of time (last one year) vs. the PI site which is continuously changing as reviews come in.

Many vendors who license the reprint of this report, often use it for lead generation. You cannot do that with Peer Insights site.

Purchasing a reprints license gives you access to a dedicated program manager who will handle all of the legwork for quote request approvals and help you to track the reprint impact