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Who can access reviews? How do I access the Peer Insights reviews for my business?

Summary-level access to Gartner Peer Insights is free and available to the public. Reading the full detail of reviews is also free but requires a simple login. Gartner clients may use their existing credentials to gain access, and Non-Gartner clients must complete a simple registration form for access. Once logged in, users have full access to all Review Details across all Markets/Categories.

To access all reviews for your business, simply search on your company/product name or navigate through the markets/categories in which your business has products and services. If you do not find reviews on your company’s products and services in a market/category in which you compete, it is because no reviews for your business have been submitted and approved in that market/category.

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Are these reviews representative of global tech users? What is the breakdown by region and industry?

In these early stages of building the Peer Insights library, most reviews are coming from North America. As a global company, we are working hard to collect additional surveys and encourage broader participation across industries and geographies.

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Do reviews ever expire?

Reviews submitted prior to the last year carry no weightage in any research report or Customer Choice decisions that Gartner publishes. The methodology we use for deciding when/whether to expire reviews is still in evolution stage and may change over time.

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Is Peer Insights free? Where is the paywall?

Anyone who is registered – clients and non-clients alike- are and will always be able to read reviews and ratings on Gartner Peer Insights for free. Technology providers are able to access a technology provider tool (TPT) that help them source and generate reviews. Access to the TPT is free. The services provided by Gartner Peer Insights Vendor Success team to strategically partner with vendors to drive reviews are free as well.

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How does Peer Insights fit in w/ other crowdsourcing sites owned by Gartner? Will you be bringing these together, and in the meantime sharing content between them? How should my company decide where to send potential reviewers of our product?

Over the last several years, Gartner has acquired a number of properties focused on helping small and medium-sized business users with their software purchases. These properties are in our Digital Markets business unit and include Capterra, Software Advice, and GetApp. Reviews generated on one of these properties are shared across all properties as appropriate. Gartner Peer Insights was developed to focus on helping enterprise end-users make better software decisions and is entirely focused on the enterprise.

These properties will remain independent as they are targeting different end-user segments, and the user experience is tailored for each. We are actively exploring sharing relevant content between Gartner Peer Insights and Digital Markets and expect to do so in the future.

Once review sharing is implemented, it won’t matter which property you source reviews on, they will all be directed appropriately to the most relevant end-user. Until this feature comes online, it’s best to direct enterprise-focused products to Gartner Peer Insights, and small and medium-size business products to the Digital Market properties. In addition, the Digital Market properties provide all brands with leading digital awareness through their prominent search placements, while Gartner Peer Insights is a data source for our Research analysts.

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How does Peer Insights fit w/ Gartner’s independence and objectivity, and doesn’t this path damage the Gartner brand?

Gartner Peer Insights extends Gartner’s legacy of independence and objectivity into a new platform – user-generated reviews and ratings. In this space, while each individual review is subjective and reflects the experience and opinion of the author, Gartner ensures the platform is independent and objective by ensuring rigor in the methodology used for sourcing, validating, moderating, and presenting these individual views. By doing this, we are creating the enterprise standard for reviews and ratings that buyers can trust, and opening Gartner’s brand to a new generation of business leaders.