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Reprint Gartner Peer Insights Lessons Learned Research


Last Updated: OCT, 2020

Lessons Learned – value to vendors through Gartner reprints

In a previous post we introduced the Lessons Learned research note, a new piece of thought leadership based on Gartner Peer Insights survey information. In this post we will discuss how you can leverage the note as part of your reprint program.

According to Gartner research, IT buyers prefer to see content created by a third party. Use this research to educate prospects on what other buyers say are the most important decision criteria when evaluating technologies like yours.

  • Educate IT Buyers early in the buying cycle, and become a thought leader in your space
  • Position your product messaging to highlight a unique value prop and initiate buyers’ consideration “Our product is a strong support to Lesson X, because (value prop)”
  • Show your prospects value with PLL. This keeps your brand/offerings top of mind.

Use Peer Lessons Learned for demand generation

How do I benefit from Lessons Learned document?

Vendor “X”

Org size – Midsize

Market – Configure, Price and Quote Application Suites

After 1 month of reprinting the Lessons Learned note the vendor generated 35 SQL

Preapproved language for your Lessons Learned reprint collateral

• Click here for complimentary access to the Gartner latest Peer Lessons Learned:*market*. *insert link to the reprint*

• Click here to learn the *# of lessons listed* lessons learned by your peers in the Gartner *Month,Year* Peer Lessons Learned: *market*. Get the report. *insert link to the reprint*

• “If you could start over, what would your organization do differently?” Find the answer in the Gartner *Month,Year* Peer Lessons Learned: *market* . brought to you compliments of *vendor*. *insert link to the reprint*

• “What one piece of advice would you give other prospective customers?” Find the answer in the Gartner *Month,Year* Peer Lessons Learned: *market*. Click here for complimentary access. *insert link to the reprint*

• Curious to learn your clients’ firsthand experiences with implementing *market*. The peer advice found in the Gartner *Month,Year* Peer Lessons Learned: *market*. results both from successful implementation projects and lessons based on what went wrong. Learn more here. *insert link to the reprint*

Search to find out if your market has published a LL document or reach out to the Vendor Success team at