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Do Peer Insights reviews ever expire?

Reviews submitted prior to the last year carry no weightage in any research report or Customer Choice decisions that Gartner publishes. The methodology we use for deciding when/whether to expire reviews is still in evolution stage and may change over time.

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What if I see inaccuracies or something else of concern in someone else’s review?

If you have concerns about the accuracy or validity of a review, please contact peerinsights@gartner.com. Be sure to include the specific review in question and the reason you consider it to be invalid.

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Why is the number of review different from number of ratings?

In certain cases we allow reviewers to withhold their qualitative review feedback from public view, in order to protect their confidentiality. When a user opts to withhold their qualitative review feedback, we include their quantitative feedback in the averaged star rating and other aggregated fields under the “Ratings” tab, but we exclude their qualitative review feedback from the “Reviews” section. The Total Reviews also reflects the number available under all active filters, whereas the average rating and number of ratings remains constant when filters are applied.

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What is the review moderation process?

Reviews and Ratings are rigorously assessed and moderated. This process includes verification of the reviewer’s identity, assessment of whether a conflict of interest exists, and moderation of content. Gartner Peer Insights’ moderation team takes up to 3 business days to process a review and conclude approval/rejection of a review. A reviewer can also check the status of his reviews through “Your Reviews” section on his Gartner Peer Insights profile page. After a review is approved/rejected, reviewer is notified via email about the decision along with the next steps (in case of rejection).