New Gartner Peer Insights Plus (GPI+) incentive for your customers

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New Gartner Peer Insights Plus (GPI+) incentive for your customers


Last Updated: July, 2020

Since the launch of Gartner Peer Insights in 2015, we have checked in regularly with our users regarding the types of insights they would like to receive from our site. As part of our strategy to grow the number of enterprise reviews published on the site, we have offered users monetary incentives as a means of encouraging them to submit a review.

Through interviews and analysis, we discovered that the types of IT professionals who leverage our site aren’t necessarily motivated by a $25 gift card, but rather are looking for the robust data and insights Gartner is known for to help them in their work. So we started exploring a “research incentive” program to better align the site with the needs of the reviewers and users we want to (and continue to) attract.

In early 2020, we launched a new type of site membership, Gartner Peer Insights Plus (GPI+), to help site visitors:

1. Stay current on the latest technology trends

2. Monitor and evaluate existing vendors

3. Evaluate new vendors

How does this new site membership work?

Reviewers have the option to receive a three-month membership to GPI+ in exchange for submitting an approved review for a product/service on our site. As a GPI+ member, they get access to the following:

1. Select Gartner Research

2. Weekly roundup of industry news:

3. Market Alerts

4. Exclusive Peer Insights site features:

In the spirit of continuous innovation, we recently introduced a web-based experience, with the launch of the GPI+ Resource Center (accessible via “My Account”) (accessible via a reviewer’s User Profile) where Plus members can explore the latest & popular IT research from Gartner and learn about new technology & trends.

What does GPI+ mean for you?

As a vendor, you now have the option to offer GPI+ memberships as an incentive to all of your customers in exchange for a product review. There is no limit on the number of your customers who can receive this incentive.

Taking advantage of this offer is as simple as creating a review sourcing link and selecting GPI+ as the incentive tied to the link:

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When creating a new review sourcing link, make sure to select the GPI+ option to ensure your customers will receive the membership after their review is approved:

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You will then generate a custom review sourcing link that you can send to your customers when asking them to complete a review.

All campaign reporting will appear in the same format as your gift card campaigns, so you are able to measure and report on progress:

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How should I introduce GPI+ when offering it to my customers?

To help you get started, we’ve made it easy for you with customizable email templates , where reviewers can go ahead and submit the review, or learn more about GPI+:

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You also have the option to include a custom landing page in your ask to your customers. This landing page provides your customers with more context and details on the GPI+ membership prior to them writing a review. If you would like to create one of these pages, please email your Program Manager directly.

Where can I learn more about GPI+?

Please visit our Vendor GPI+ Resource page, where you can find more information and answers to frequently asked questions.

Please reach out to your Program Manager directly with any questions on this new content offering. or if you do not know your Program manager email directly