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Who May Submit a Review

Reviewers do not need to be Gartner clients to submit a Peer Insights review. However, they must be qualified IT professionals or technology decision makers and will be subject to Gartner’s validation and approval process.

For a review to be posted on Peer Insights, the reviewer must:

  • Attest to the authenticity of their review by certifying that (i) they are not an employee, consultant, reseller, direct competitor or in any other way associated with the vendor they are reviewing; and (ii) their feedback is based entirely on their own personal experience with this vendor’s product/service.
  • Have an identifiable corporate email address that matches their stated employer.
  • Be an IT professional or otherwise involved in technology purchasing.
  • Have a confirmed profile on or a credible external site (e.g., LinkedIn) that verifies their identity, employer and role.
  • Not be employed by a company that has a direct stake in the market or product being reviewed (this includes system integrators and consultants, as well as the company whose product is being reviewed or competitors in that market).

What is Gartner Peer Insights?

Peer Insights is Gartner’s peer-driven ratings and reviews platform for enterprise IT solutions and services covering over 100 technology markets and 900 vendors. Every anonymous review is verified before publishing to ensure you only read completely authentic insights from your peers.

  1. Free to read
  2. Unbiased reviews
  3. 360° IT lifecycle reviews covering:

    Evaluation – Implementation – Service – Support