Gartner Peer Insights Customer Choice Awards (Archived)


Gartner Peer Insights Customer Choice Awards (Archived)

Customer Choice methodology has been updated since the announcement of results in October 2017 in the following markets:

Market Criteria

A market needs to have at least 300+ reviews, and 7+ vendors with 20+ reviews each for us to give a Customer Choice Award in that market. In addition, we’ll consider other factors like the market’s popularity, timing of Gartner Research refresh (we won’t likely do an award in a market that’s about to get an overhaul), etc. to determine when to launch awards in which markets.

Award Criteria

Awards will be given to vendors in a market according to these criteria:

  • The vendor must have at least one product designated by our Research analysts as relevant to the market.
  • The vendor must have 50 or more reviews published in the submission period.
    • Submission period is defined as 12 months prior to the award eligibility cut off date.
    • Vendor-incentivized reviews will not be counted for award eligibility and will not be included in the score calculation.
    • Reviews published must first pass our validation, conflict of interest, and moderation process – please see our Review FAQ here. Reviews that do not pass the process are not considered.
  • To ensure that the awards are given to vendors who represent the Peer Insights’ end user base, vendors will be eligible for Gold, Silver and Bronze awards subject to three criteria:
    • Maximum 75% of the deployments reported by the reviewers from non-North America regions.
    • Maximum 75% of reviews from one industry.
    • Maximum 50% of reviews from non-Enterprise end users. Enterprise end user is defined as reviewer’s company size >$50M USD.
  • If vendors qualify for the award but don’t meet the three criteria above, they may still be eligible for an honorable mention for their focus.

Award Score

  • Gold, silver and bronze awards will be given to the top 3 vendors based on award score (defined below), and honorable mention will be given to every other vendor over 4.000 stars.
    • Award score is based on a Bayesian weighting of overall score vs. the number of reviews published and the Bayesian prior is a Dirichlet distribution with an average of 4 stars and 50 reviews, so:

Gartner Peer Insights CCA Formula

Where N = Total number of reviews.

  • Award score will be rounded to the nearest tenth of a star. If there’s a tie, the number of published reviews will be the tie breaker. If the number of published reviews is also tied, both vendors will receive the same award.
  • All winners must have an average award score greater than 4.000 stars. If there are less than 3 vendors that meet the criteria we’ll give fewer awards for this market.
  • For more questions, please see our FAQ page, or contact
  • For Vendor Guidelines on how to use Gartner Peer Insights Customer Choice logo and quote policy please click here.