Events Quick Start Guide


March 12, 2018

Events Quick Start Guide

Planning Your Onsite Presence at Events

Here we share our best practices to help you engage with end users and manage the flow of activity around review submissions, as well as some helpful tips to ensure you have a successful experience.
Thank you for helping us capture additional insights and perspective on how well your products and solution deliver value to the marketplace!

General Setup

Ideally, the browser(s) in the Kiosk laptops/devices will have Gartner Peer Insights set as the Default Home Page. This allows you to simply open the browser (if closed) or click the “Home” icon in the browser to get you back to the start.

  • Create a URL and REFVAL on your kiosks to best track your event activity
  • If you’re leveraging a customized Launch Page you would have that page set as the Default Home Page
  • If you’re unable to set a Default Home Page, you should ensure the Peer Insights is at least set as a Bookmark (ideally in the browser Bookmark Bar) so that you can easily navigate and return to the site)

After each Review submission, be sure to Log Out of Peer Insights (top right corner of the page). This will reset the page back to the proper home page to allow your next candidate to start a fresh review.

Booth Setup

  • Create a relaxed and private environment for submitting reviews
  • Comfortable seating and high tables recommended
  • Four laptops to a table is suggested
  • Develop clear signage and call to action at booth

Driving Traffic to Booth

Consistent high traffic areas are ideal

Attendee Communications

  • Develop a pre-event email to attendees
  • Notifications during event
  • Promote booth location repeatedly during show through print or digital material

On-site Rewards

  • Incentives of nominal value are acceptable

Review Process

Best practice: Ensure all products you would like reviewed during the event are available on Peer Insights at least four weeks prior to the event. If there are any discrepancies, please email

  • Clients should only use their current employment details when registering.
  • Remind users they are sharing their opinions with Gartner and any personal information will NOT be shared at the event or otherwise.
  • Use campaign links in the Technology Provider Tool to ensure users are selecting the products you choose.
  • If you’re not using campaign links, you may use the product selection process within the review form.
    1. Go to Write a Review
    2. Click “Get Started” and fill out and confirm profile and demographic details
    3. On “Find your Vendor and Product to Review” page
      • Input the vendor and/or product name
      • Select appropriate product from results
    4. Fill out entire length of review and submit
  • Reviews are robust and generally take 10 to 15 minutes to complete.

Validation and Moderation Process

Please refer to Validation and Moderation questions in FAQ for more details.


  • Having an approachable and welcoming staff is important
  • It is best to have at least two people staffing one or two tables during events
  • The goal of the staff is to engage with attendees, describe what Peer Insights is, be able to answer questions and encourage people to submit reviews
  • Social Media and Marketing teams should be passionate and engaging

Engagement Tips

  • Gently approach your attendees (you are not selling anything, you want their feedback)
  • Have some fun and get to know them a bit. Find out what product they’ve used, how they like it, and their feedback on the support?
  • Remember, this is a great opportunity to give back to their peers, and in turn, fill a platform with great insights for their future use when purchasing software
  • Be prepared to answer questions from users about Peer Insights:
    • YES, the Review remains anonymous;
    • YES, the more comments the better! Simply leaving Ratings and minimal comments will likely not result in it being published;
    • YES, they have access even if they’re not a Gartner client! They can leverage the Reviews (they’re adding to) across any of their enterprise-related decisions

Engagement Questions

  • Have you or your organization recently implemented a {VendorName} product or solution to your enterprise (in the last two years)?
  • What role did you play in the roll-out of the {VendorName} solution?
    • Part of the vendor vetting and selection process
    • Comparison of vendor capabilities and requirements definition
    • Enterprise implementation and launch
  • Become familiar with the type of questions that are in the Surveys (available in Appendix 1 below). Knowing these can help you frame your questions and conversations so that the reviewer has the answers top-of-mind:
    • How many people did you eventually roll out to? How long did it take?
    • Did your own technology group do the implementation or did you work with a systems integrator?

Technical Support

Technical Support

  • What if a reviewer is unable to register? Reviewers are required to use their corporate email to register with Peer Insights. Using a free account such as Gmail or Yahoo can’t be used.
  • Can’t Move to the Next Page? If a reviewer is unable to move on to the next page, please have the reviewer make sure all required questions have been answered. If all required questions have been answered and the reviewer still cannot move on, try clicking on “save and exit,” clear the cache and have the user log back in.
  • Submitting a review: If a reviewer is unable to submit the review, please have the reviewer make sure all questions required have been answered. If all required questions have been answered and the reviewer still can’t submit the review, please contact with the reviewer’s name and email. We will then work with the reviewer to fix the issue.
  • Email validation: When a reviewer registers, we will send them a link asking them to confirm their email address. Occasionally some inbound servers will modify the main link for security purposes preventing users to confirm their email address. There is another confirmation link towards the bottom of the email “By confirming your email you help ensure the integrity of the Peer Insights community.” Users can click on this link and their email will be confirmed.

    **If you are still experiencing technical issues please contact Please start your subject line “URGENT TECH ISSUE”.