VOC Roadmap (Mar 2021 Blog)

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Voice of the Customer Roadmap – Access Now


Last Updated: Mar, 2021



As you plan for Voice of the Customer (VOC) review sourcing activities, it’s important that you get familiar with our Voice of the Customer Roadmap.


This roadmap features previous Voice of the Customer timelines as well as available forward-looking timelines for your strategic planning.


What is the Voice of the Customer (VOC) document?


This document synthesizes Gartner Peer Insights’ content in a particular market for the previous year. This peer perspective, along with the individual detailed reviews, is complementary to expert research and should play a key role in the buying process for end- users. This document is featured on the Gartner website as a research note. All the Gartner clients have access to this data. Please visit our Voice of the Customer resource for more information.


Where is the VOC Roadmap located and how do I access it?


The Roadmap for upcoming Voice of the Customer markets can be found within the Voice of the Customer tile and in the Customers’ Choice tile in the Resources tab of the Technology Provider Tools portal. Kindly note that this list and schedule are tentative and subject to change at the discretion of Gartner Peer Insights. It is updated frequently, so be sure to check often.


Pro Tip: Bookmark the tile page to your browser for faster access



What if your market is not on the VOC Roadmap?


The calendar for the VOC document is based on the Gartner Research publication calendar. After the corresponding Gartner Magic Quadrant or Market Guide publishes, the Gartner Peer Insights team will determine if the market meets the minimum review requirements for a VOC document. Typically, the VOC document publishes 5 months after the corresponding Magic Quadrant or Market Guide publication. If the Magic Quadrant or Market Guide publication is delayed, the VOC will be delayed accordingly. See the VOC Roadmap for a full calendar of upcoming markets.


If your market is not on the VOC Roadmap, it is either too early to determine a timeline for or your market is not eligible for a VOC document. This does not mean that your market will not ever be VOC eligible, as this could change.



What does the VOC Roadmap look like?


The VOC Roadmap is a downloadable Excel sheet that has three tabs: About this Calendar, Previously Published VOC, and Upcoming VOC.


Tab 1 About this Calendar:

  • Describes the intent of the calendar, the Voice of the Customer document, and the Customers’ Choice
  • Displays the date the Roadmap was last updated
  • Links to the full VOC Methodology


Tab 2 Previously Published VOC:

  • Historical context for all previous VOC documents published
  • Links to the VOC documents within Gartner.com
  • Filter by market, publication date, etc.


Tab 3 Upcoming VOC:

  • Provides preview of upcoming VOC markets
  • Can be sorted/filtered by market, date, etc.
  • Includes tentative document publish date, and review eligibility start and end date. The end date is the last day for reviews to be submitted to count towards document eligibility
  • Tentative Standings in Dashboard Live column highlights the date in which your Standings Page, where you can see your eligibility towards the VOC, will populate within your Technology Provider Tools Dashboard view


Questions? Reach out to your Program Manager directly. If you do not know who your aligned Program Manager is, please email us at PeerInsightsVendorSuccess@gartner.com.