Blog – The Importance of Using Review Sourcing Links

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The Importance of Using Review Sourcing Links


Last Updated: April 2022


Your customers can leave reviews on Peer Insights through several different avenues i.e. referral, Gartner sourced, organic. However, none are more important to you as vendors, than creating vendor created review sourcing links.


The use of these sourcing links should be the only way you refer your customers to leave reviews & are strongly encouraged by Peer Insights. Sourcing links offer many benefits that will make it easier for you as vendors to be visible on the platform. By sending these links directly to your clients the benefits include but are not limited to:

  • The verification and authentication process of our review moderation. Inviting customers to leave a review leveraging the vendor-created review sourcing links is the best way for us to know with confidence that these are customers you have asked to leave a review.

  • The ability to track the status of reviews in your review funnel. The information presented in your review funnel i.e. how many reviews have been submitted, if any reviews have been rejected & if so the high-level rejection reason is only available when your using review sourcing links. Due the anonymous nature of Gartner Peer Insights, your Program Manager can not tell you any information about individual reviews or information about any reviews not submitted through review sourcing links.

  • Leveraging the multiple incentive options. Using Review Sourcing Links is the only way to add incentives such as Vendor Funded Gift Cards & Gartner Peer Insights Plus for you to offer directly to your reviewers as a thank you for leaving a review. Offering your customers an incentive via our portal is the best way to ensure that your customers who area vetted and submit approved reviews receive an incentive.


If you have further questions on Reviewing Sourcing Links and their benefits or are unsure how to create them please reach out to your aligned Program Manager or refer to Tips to Get Started.