The Engagement Program is now the Gartner Peer Insights Customer First Program!

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The Engagement Program is now the Gartner Peer Insights Customer First Program!


Last Updated: Feb, 2021

Since the official  launch in July 2020, there has been great adoption of the Engagement Program! With 300+ technology providers signed up or in the process of joining the program, there is clearly excitement in the vendor community to commit to engaging with their customers.

Overall, the feedback has been positive. You like that your participation in the Engagement Program is an indication that you are committed to listening to customers and valuing their feedback, and are finding value in the Readership Analytics available as part of the program. But you want a way to show it! 

We heard two main themes from vendors who joined the Engagement Program: 

  • “The name is a bit lukewarm, doesn’t mean much”
  • “We put in so much work to join the program and gather reviews from our customers, it would be nice to get some recognition!” 

In order to improve the value of the Engagement Program, we are making a few enhancements. 

  1. Change the name to the Customer First Program

The Engagement Program will now be known as the Gartner Peer Insights Customer First Program. “Customer First” is a more intuitive name that truly represents the meaning of the program – you put your customers first and value their insights! This is a clear signal to end-users that you are a vendor that is not afraid of customer feedback and uses that feedback to drive product development. 

    2. Badge Recognition from Gartner Peer Insights

You will now have a unique program badge that will appear on your Profile and Product pages to signal your commitment to transparency. Badges will launch on the site beginning March 2021. We have included images below to give you an idea of what the badges will look like – these are preliminary designs and may change leading up to official badge launch. 

Just as you are able to promote Gartner Peer Insights reviews and Customers’ Choice badges, you will also be able to leverage the Customer First program badge in your external marketing to signal to prospects that you care about customer feedback and are actively gathering it from your customers.

As is standard, any usage of badges within marketing will need to link back to your Gartner Peer Insights profile to provide prospects with the opportunity to read that feedback. To help you, we will have marketing templates available March 2021 to assist you with marketing your badge. These will be available in the “Help” and then “Resources” tab of your Technology Provider Tools backend portal. As always, you will need to go through the Quote Requests Team for compliance approvals.

If this sounds like something you want to participate in and you aren’t part of the program today, follow the below steps to get started: 

Join the Customer First Program Now! 

  1. Implement the requirements to join the Customer First Program
  2. Submit your Agreement Form to officially be added to the Customer First program.

Learn More:

Note: If you are currently part of the Engagement Program, we will automatically “turn on” the badge on your profile when the badges launch in March. No action is required from you at this time.

Questions? Please reach out to your Program Manager or email directly.