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Now Live! Update to Review Content Guidelines


Last Updated: May 2022

Before we dive into the updates regarding our Review Content Guidelines, we first need to understand what the Gartner Peer Insights Community Guidelines are.


What are Community Guidelines?


The Community Guidelines set forth the rules governing our Reviews Program for (i) the general users of the website, (ii) those users who submit reviews, and (iii) those vendors whose products are listed and/or reviewed on the website.


The Community Guidelines are divided into three main sections:

  • Understanding Reviews
  • Writing Reviews
  • Vendor Guidelines

Why is this important to vendors?


The Community Guidelines must be adhered to by all parties, reviewers and vendors alike, to ensure the integrity of the Peer Insights platform. Explore the Community Guidelines if you have not already – We highlight rules and guidelines across incentives, review sourcing, product listing, etc.


Recent Update: We’ve added to our Community Guidelines! There is now a revamped section for Content Guidelines. For better reviewer experience, we’ve compartmentalized review content guidelines into self-explanatory, comprehensible, and actionable sections.


1.4.2 Content Guidelines on GPI


In addition to verifying reviewer identity, we assess review content to determine whether or not a review meets Gartner Peer Insights’ standards for context, quality, and relevance. This assessment is intended solely to ensure that reviews align with our Guidelines and is not meant in any way to change the original meaning and intent of the underlying review. Gartner Peer Insights reserves the right to reject a review for non-compliance with these Guidelines, at our discretion. Please note: At this time, reviews must be written in English only. Gartner Peer Insights leverages the following guidelines to determine if the content submitted in the review meets our standards for publishing:


  • Be specific and relevant
  • Be balanced
  • Be fair and respectful
  • Be original
  • DO NOT disclose personal, confidential, or sensitive information


Gartner’s verification process aims to ensure that all reviews are authentic and readable. This verification process can take several business days for a review to be approved and published on the website.


Does this update change anything for me or my customers?


Yes, This update provides detailed and explicit guidance on review context, quality, and relevance. These guidelines are intended to help reviewers understand what a good review looks like and what they should consider when writing their review on Gartner Peer Insights.


Questions? Reach out to the Vendor Success team at