Blog – Now Live! 2022 Media Templates and Messaging to boost your Marketing Campaigns!

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Now Live! 2022 Media Templates and Messaging to boost your Marketing Campaigns!


Last Updated: May 2022


What you should know:


You may have noticed that Gartner Peer Insights looks a little different these days! We recently updated our brand. Along with the fresh, new look, we have also created Media and Social Media marketing packages to share your customer perspectives and experiences with the public.


The best and fastest way to share any good news is through Media. Share with your professional audiences your customer success stories and achievements of your products. Demonstrate how your unique approach as a Provider stands out and is acknowledged through your customers’ experiences.


Let others speak for you. That is the beauty of sharing peer perspectives from Gartner Peer Insights. Review quotes not only enlighten your brand’s customer success, they also demonstrate your company’s unique approach through real case studies that highlight how obstacles were overcome and problems were solved.


Promote your customer’s voice by driving people directly to the peer reviews and ratings of your product on Gartner Peer Insights.  

Are you a Customers’ Choice vendor or participating in the Customer First Program? Be sure to leverage our templates to highlight these recognitions.


New Resources:

We have completed a full rebrand of Gartner Peer Insights with new branding, logos and messaging to enhance our peer-driven platform. We’ve enhanced Gartner Peer Insights with new features – such as peer discussions and quick polls – to engage more users and help leaders quickly make informed decisions.


With all eyes on Peer Insights, it is essential to take advantage of the new branding and promotional templates to guide your campaigns. 


On the newly designed Marketing Tools page on the Technology Provider Tool, we have provided a number of Marketing assets you can leverage to generate your media and social media promotions.



All promotional materials that you create must comply with the Gartner Content Compliance Policy. Once you have these materials in a “near final” draft, submit them to the Gartner Content Compliance team in an editable format. This team will work with you to ensure your materials comply with this policy.


We understand that the launch of the new brand may impact a marketing campaign that you already launched. Therefore, we will allow a grace period till Monday, June 13, 2022 for you to use the old brand. However, any new campaigns launched from the date of this blog should use the new Peer Insights brands. And after Monday, June 13th, ALL new promotional materials, whether tied to a new or an already-launched campaign, must use the new brand.


Note: Promotional materials that are not complete will not be approved.


If you have any questions, please reach out to your Program Manager or