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Now Live! New Multi-Incentive Review Sourcing Links


Last Updated: April 2022



The wait is finally over! You are now able to offer your customers all applicable incentive options via a single Review Sourcing Link.




Gone are the days of creating multiple Review Sourcing Links for different incentive types, and including multiple calls-to-action in the same email ask for a review. Reviewers now have the ability to select which incentive they would like ($25 gift card, $25 donation to charity, Gartner Peer Insights Plus subscription, or no incentive necessary).




What’s changed for Tech Providers?



The enhancement will enable you to choose multiple incentive options while creating a Review Sourcing Link on Technology Provider Tools backend vendor portal.


New link creation experience:



As shown above, you now have the ability to select multiple types of incentives by selecting the check boxes in the “Provide incentives to your customers” section of the form.


If you would like to offer your customers only one specific incentive, you can still create a link and only align one incentive to it, as you were able to do preciously.


When you click into your reporting deep dive page for each sourcing link, you’re able to see which incentives were selected and offered to your customers as part of that campaign:




In your overall Review Sourcing Link reporting page, you can also see the number of incentives that are being offered to your customers as part of that campaign:




Please Note: If you’d like to offer your customers the ability to choose their incentive, you will need to create a new Review Sourcing Link to send to them. The multi-incentive link will not be automatically applied to previously created links.



What’s new for your Reviewers?



The enhancement will enable a reviewer to choose a gift from the options provided to them via the review sourcing link.


New incentive selection experience for reviewers:



After a reviewer clicks on the sourcing link to start writing a review, they will get this screen where they can choose the incentive based on their liking from the options provided. After selecting the incentive they would like to receive, they can click on continue to move to the review page to start writing their honest review!


As always, the reviewer will receive their incentive via email and via their User Profile after their review is approved and published to the site. If their review is not approved, they are not sent an incentive.


Multi-Incentive Review Sourcing Link FAQ’s:


Will all of my existing review sourcing links update to multi-incentive links automatically, or will I need to create new review sourcing links to send to customers?

  • The existing review sourcing links will continue to have the same incentive that was selected when it was created. For review sourcing links to have the multi-incentive options for reviewers, new links will need to be created.

Will I still be able to select the specific incentive if I want to offer my customers only a single incentive? For example, I only want my customers to see the $25 charity donation.

  • Yes, the multi-incentive option is an add-on feature to the review sourcing links. You still have the ability to choose only one incentive type per link to offer to your customers.

If I create a review sourcing link now with no gift card funds added, but add funds in a few days, will my original sourcing link automatically update to show that there are now $25 gift cards?

  • No, the original sourcing link would not automatically update to show there are now gift cards. To offer your customers the $25 gift cards, please wait for your account funds to load within your vendor portal, and then create a review sourcing link.

Are the $25 gift cards available to reviewers outside of the USA?

  • Yes, the $25 USD gift card is an international Visa gift card. Please see our Incentive Policy FAQs for more information.

What is the average gift card value? Can we change the gift card value to something other than $25?

  • Incentives must be of nominal value (as required by the FTC) and align with your company’s and your customers’ policies on accepting gifts. Gartner has determined that nominal value for an individual Gartner Peer Insights review must not exceed $25 USD. All gift card incentives are automatically valued at $25 USD. The value of the gift card cannot be changed. Please see the Community Guidelines for additional information.

Questions? Please reach out to your aligned Program Manager or contact