Market Allocation of Funds (Mar 2021 Blog)

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Start Aligning Your Funded Gift Cards By Market


Last Updated: Mar, 2021


Invest in what is important to you!


We are pleased to announce our most recent upgrade to the Tech Provider Funded Gift Card Program – MARKET ALLOCATION OF FUNDS.


This new feature within your Review Sourcing Links tab will allow you to allocate your gift card funds to specific markets, based on how much you want to invest in incentives for each market you have a presence in on Gartner Peer Insights.


Example Allocation:




  • Prioritize the markets you wish you source more reviews in
  • Judiciously allocate your funds as you want
  • Not stress over a common pool of funds that are accessible to all
  • Track your spend by market
  • Take charge of the funds you’ve added  

It’s simple! Opt-in to this new feature by reaching out to your Gartner Peer Insights Program Manager directly. Identify the dollar amount to be designated to each specific market and we’ll take care of the rest.


We know plans change – Anytime you feel there is a change required, we're here to enable that for you. There are no restrictions and changes can be made by contacting us directly.


Want to get started? Reach out to your Program Manager directly. If you do not know who your aligned Program Manager is, please email us at