Less is More – Gartner Peer Insights to Launch Survey 2.0!

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Less is More – Gartner Peer Insights to Launch Survey 2.0!


Last Updated: May 21, 2020

We’ve updated our review questionnaire with one goal in mind: Find the shortest way to ask a question without muddying its intent and maximize the response rate.

As we took a deeper look into the minds of the reviewers, our ‘eureka!’ moment happened. We realized your customer pool is like two sides of a coin: One is eloquent and loves to share, resulting in review testimonies with amazing, verbose feedback. For the other side, brevity is the key – These reviewers want to submit their review as quickly as possible!

So, we thought, let’s reinvent. Let’s give the customer more power. Let the customer decide what he/she wants to share, how much he/she wants to share, and how much time he/she wants to invest.

We are pleased to present our brand-new Elastic Survey, designed to provide an easy review experience to your customers, provide our enterprise readers with necessary feedback, and provide organizations like yours with robust, actionable data.

It’s a win-win. Reviewers who like to be more succinct in their review can share their feedback in just a few minutes, and for those who would like to leave a little bit more feedback, the survey will have the option to add additional content and share away!

Throughout this process, one thing Gartner has always been cognizant of and has prioritized is quality content – And we continue to do that with the new and improved survey. All required questions are grouped together in a one-page view, giving these questions upfront relevance to the reviewer, with zero comprise on the content we’ve delivered earlier.

We are currently in the pilot phase, having seen very promising results in the few markets we have tested the new Elastic Survey. Keep an eye out – We will be expanding the Elastic Survey to cover all markets through Q2.