Discrepancies in Review Funnel Reporting

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A message about discrepancies in Review Funnel Reporting


Last Updated: September 2020

Our most successful vendors on Gartner Peer Insights take full advantage of the tools and resources provided in the Technology Provider Tools aka your “vendor portal”. A frequently used resource that can help vendors track review counts is the Review Funnel.

There are two places you can find Review Funnels:

1. The ‘Reviews Funnel’ tab under the ‘Reviews’ option on your Technology Provider Tools portal

2. Within your reporting for specific Review Sourcing Links (“Sourced Reviews Funnel”)

While these funnels can be a great resource to get high-level information on your review numbers, there are also a few things to keep in mind when viewing the data.

The information shown is dynamic and is presented as directional guidance only

The information provided in these funnels is meant to be a high-level overview in order to guide your sourcing activities. The intention of these funnels is not to track each individual review received. If you try do this, you will quickly frustrate yourself as review counts can change daily for many different reasons! If you are within ±5 reviews range in the Review Funnel, this is totally normal

Review totals may change at any time as part of our ongoing moderation and auditing activities

Ongoing Moderation

A reviewer can update or resubmit their review at any time. In these cases, reviews are subject to re-moderation which could ultimately impact the tracking (i.e. published review count would not change since we only publish a single review for each reviewer of product; the review could be rejected after resubmitting/updating which could change the published count/rejection count, etc.)


We regularly check reviews to ensure they fit the integrity of the Gartner Peer Insights platform. More information on this commitment to integrity is available here:

1. Community Guidelines (Section 3.4)

2. Vendor Blog on Review Audits

Review counts can – and will – change daily. This is normal and nothing to be alarmed about. Please make sure you use these funnels as intended and not for individual review tracking. If you ever notice something drastically off in your Review Funnel, feel free to report that to your Program Manager. We are always here to help!

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