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Code-Based Email Verification Introduced to Review Survey


Last Updated: February 2022


To ensure high quality reviews, the Gartner Peer Insights moderation process focuses on four key areas: reviewer authentication, content validation, conflict of interest check and fraudulent patterns. We recently introduced several new automations to the moderation process to improve reviewer experience and reduce unnecessary technical rejections.


One of the new automations we have introduced is code-based email verification during the review survey process. This ensures only verified users are able to submit reviews, and eliminates users having their reviews rejected due to unverified email addresses.


After a reviewer completes the review survey, the final step before they can submit the review requires them to verify their email address. The system will send a unique code to the email address attached to their Reviewer Profile. The reviewer will then be required to input the code into the code field in the survey before they can submit their review to be moderated.



Example of Code-Verification in Survey Experience:



Example of Email Sent to Reviewer with Code:



If your customers are experiencing any troubles with this process, please direct your reviewers to reach out to our Support team by emailing or by clicking on the Contact Support button in the Your Reviews section of their profile.


For any other questions, please reach out to your aligned Program Manager or contact