Category Cuts Expansion

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Category Cuts Expansion


This announcement references the “Voice of the Customer”  methodology active for April 2021 and earlier publish dates. For the new methodology as of May 2021, click here.

Last Updated: June, 2020

We’ve said it before, and we’ll say it again: As our platform grows, we continue to evolve to meet the needs of our end-users!

In December 2019, we introduced Customers’ Choice Category Distinctions and published our first Voice of the Customer with additional data cuts in the Endpoint Protection Platforms market. (Gartner clients can access this report here.) The Category Distinctions were developed to recognize vendors that are highly rated from their customers in specific deployment regions, company sizes, and industries.

Feedback from our end-users was consistent – They love being able to easily see the stand-out vendors based on reviews from individuals “just like them,” creating a more personalized experience.

We will be expanding the Voice of the Customer research documents with Customers’ Choice Category Distinctions to all markets where we have enough reviews data to do so.

Here is what you need to know:

Will there be new graphics in the Voice of the Customer that include the Category Distinctions?

• Yes, when the Voice of the Customer research report publishes, it will include additional graphics that highlight the Customers’ Choice Category Distinctions within specific company sizes, industries, and deployment regions.

How will I know if my market will have Category Distinctions?

• Vendors will know if there will be Customers’ Choice Category Distinctions upon receipt of the courtesy preview of the Voice of the Customer document. This courtesy preview is sent prior to the report going live on

How many reviews will be required in a specific category to be a Customers’ Choice Category Distinction?

• Customers’ Choice Category Distinctions will be given to those vendors who achieve at least 25 eligible reviews within a specific category segment published within the 12 month review eligibility time frame and meet or exceed the average rating for that same specific category segment. See the full methodology here. This methodology is applicable only for Category distinctions. The threshold for the overall Customers’ Choice Distinctions remains 50 reviews.

Can a vendor be named a Customers’ Choice Category Distinction and not be named an overall Customers’ Choice?

• Yes, vendors that did not achieve the overall Customers’ Choice are still eligible to be named a Customers’ Choice Category Distinction.

Will vendors be able to view their progress towards a Category Distinction on their Customers’ Choice Standings Page?

• Not immediately. As we look to expand the Category Distinctions, we may incorporate this functionality into the Standings Page.

As always, please feel free to reach out to your Program Manager directly, or if you have any questions.