Build Your 2021 Sourcing Strategy Around Year-Round Campaigns

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Build Your 2021 Sourcing Strategy Around Year-Round Campaigns


Last Updated: Dec, 2020

It is no coincidence that vendors who consistently and proactively source Gartner Peer Insights reviews from their customer base throughout the year are in a better position for their customers, competitive edge, and Gartner research documents that leverage Gartner Peer Insights review data and insights. 

For many vendors, moving from a “big push” once a year for specific events like Magic Quadrants references or Voice of the Customer inclusion to a more holistic program can be a hard habit to break. Here are a few ways we suggest you implement your sourcing strategies effectively throughout the year which will save you time, resources and headache down the road.

Above all, integrate your campaign links into already existing processes Instead of duplicating efforts or inundating your clients with excessive emails, simply embed your campaign sourcing links as part of your customer touchpoints you already have in place. Ideas for outreach efforts for all customers include:

  • Automated asks shortly after product implementation is complete
  • Post-implementation surveys sent after 4-8 weeks
  • Emails 12 months post-implementation 
  • At every renewal or upgrade
  • As a follow up to the close of every support ticket
  • Embed the ask for a review within Email signatures of customer-facing associates
  • Alerts in CRM/sales system after milestones in the relationship are hit 
  • Pop-ups or alerts in your Customer Portal after a customer logs in X number of times or other specific actions taken
After your consistent sourcing efforts are in place, you can then supplement these with more targeted pushes for reviews directly from your customers. These can include: 
  • Segmented email campaigns to customers
  • 1:1 personal outreach
  • Sales “competition” with internal teams 
  • Sourcing booths at user events or digital events
  • During and post- Webinars or virtual customer events
  • Customer Advocacy Board outreach
  • Blog posts to your wider customer base
  • Inclusion in Customer Newsletters
How should you track the successes of each outreach? Creating review sourcing links is the most effective way to strategically reach out to your known customers and provide them the most straightforward way to leave a review. Creating a campaign link also allows you to track and measure your areas of success and areas of opportunity.  
To create a review sourcing link, please visit the “Tools” option in the navigation bar and select “Review Sourcing Link” to customize your link for your selected outreach method.

Review sourcing links can be created on a market or product level to drive your customers and build your presence within a desired area. Within the review sourcing links you are able to select if your customers should receive an incentive for their approved and published review. 
For more information about incentive options available to offer your customers through campaign links please refer to our Gartner Peer Insights Plus and Fund your own gift card pages. For any additional questions about sourcing more effectively please reach out to your aligned Program Manager or