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Who Should Manage Peer Insights?


Last Updated: September 1, 2022


The Peer Insights Vendor Success team often gets asked “who do you suggest is the best person/people to oversee Peer Insights for us?” Great question because…Gartner Peer Insights can actually be leveraged by all business units within your company! We suggest that vendors consider designating a specific team member to own the Peer Insights experience in order to ensure a constant presence – the Peer Insights Champion!


Consider Appointing a Peer Insights Champion


Program Managers have seen success with teams who utilize a designated Peer Insights Champion – or a primary contact for all things Peer Insights. Your Peer Insights Champion will be the main connection to your Program Manager. Program Managers assist by helping you navigate the Peer Insights Technology Provider Tool (TPT), host strategy calls, and quickly answer questions. Your Peer Insights Champion can then create a closer relationship with the Program Manager, resulting in more success with Peer Insights!


The Peer Insights Champion handles the creation of sourcing links, stays informed on Peer Insights updates (new markets added, Voice of Customer, webinars, etc.), and shares out important information to stakeholders. If members on their team have questions, they funnel the questions through to the Peer Insights Champion who then connects with the aligned Program Manager to receive a resolution. Peer Insights Champions help to keep your Peer Insights profile updated and accurate, as well as gather important information and provide updates to leadership.


Peer Insights Day-to-Day


Peer Insights can be utilized for many different business functions so it’s up to you to decide what will work best. You can utilize Peer Insights for Sales, Marketing, Operations, and more! Once you have decided who will be your Peer Insights Champion, you will want to figure out how you will maximize your Peer Insights experience.


Customer-Facing Associates


Now that you’ve designated your Peer Insights Champion, it’s time to start boosting your Peer Insights presence. We have provided some examples below of how your Peer Insights Champion can utilize different teams to collect and utilize reviews! We also have success stories that provide insight into different key areas.

  • Sales and Demand Generation
    • Sales team members would be great to assist with review sourcing efforts! Sales team members can showcase Gartner Peer Insights reviews to target buyers and position offerings effectively. This is helpful, especially for new clients looking to buy your offerings, because reviews from previous and current clients may play a large role in finalizing a sale. Sales teams can even host sourcing competitions to see who can receive the most reviews on a product or can ask for a Peer Insights review at renewal!
  • Customer Service and Support
    • Who better to ask your customers for an honest review than the team members who work directly with your clients? When a Customer Service or Support transaction occurs, you may want to ask for reviews. You can also use a simpler strategy of asking for reviews in your email signature!
  • Operations and Product Development
    • If your team is interested in understanding how they can continue to better their product, asking for reviews on Peer Insights may be a great way to gather this intel. If a company asks every single client about their experience then the reviews are a representative sampling and can be utilized to instill product evolutions.

Non-Customer Facing Roles

  • Marketing Team Members
    • Peer Insights offers marketing tools to be used at no cost. With this being said, someone from your Marketing team would be a great person to assist with Peer Insights. Once your customers have submitted reviews you can use their feedback in your external marketing collateral to highlight the strengths of your product, display real quotes from current customers, and emphasize your position in your market. Our Resources page has a handful of resources that assist with sharing reviews on social media to hosting a Peer Insights widget on your website.
  • Analyst Relations
    • Analyst Relations have strong relationships with clients and strong insight into what is important for your clients. Team members manage and maintain positive relationships between their company and their clients. It is important that Analyst Relations are dedicated to their Peer Insights presence to keep up to date with research tie backs, for Peer Insights specifically the Voice of Customer and Lessons Learned.

Gartner Peer Insights can bring value to your organization and be leveraged by all business units within your company. If you have an individual that could benefit from owning your Gartner Peer Insights experience, they should connect with a Program Manager for a strategy call. If the person is new to Peer Insights we ask that they attend an onboarding session to familiarize themselves with the platform.


Further questions? Please reach out to your aligned Program Manager or contact