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Review Sourcing Reminders


Last Updated: October 1, 2022


The best way to maintain your Peer Insights presence is to source reviews for your offerings! Our most successful vendors on Peer Insights execute multiple review sourcing strategies simultaneously to support year-round sourcing efforts.


In this blog post, we’ll cover tips and tricks to ensure that when you do launch a Peer Insights review sourcing campaign, you are maximizing best practices and following required guidelines. ​


As always, you are welcome to schedule a 1:1 strategy session with your assigned Peer Insights Program Manager to discuss sourcing further. If you are unsure who this may be, please reach out to our team at ​


Review Sourcing Reminders:

  • Create multiple Review Sourcing Links. For each of your review sourcing strategies, make sure you are creating separate sourcing links to track your areas of success and areas for improvement. This will allow you to source reviews for multiple products and markets simultaneously. You will want to create a new sourcing link for each campaign that you plan to host. For example – you would create one sourcing link titled “Support Ticket Follow Up” or “Email Signature Link”. Utilizing different links will allow you to have more insight into the Review Funnel for each campaign (and ultimately how many reviews are submitted and published to each unique link).​​
    • Please note that vendors cannot create review sourcing links that allow you to track specific reviews submitted by individuals or individual companies.
  • Do not post an incentivized link on a public page. If you place a review sourcing link with gift cards aligned on a public page, you are opening yourself up to the possibility of having reviews submitted by anyone who finds the link, and are greatly increasing the risk of fraudulent reviews submitted for your solutions. This could snowball and potentially also increase the risk of reviews being rejected or removed during routine audits.
    • To reiterate, review sourcing links with an incentive attached are at great risk for being compromised, as once they are discovered they can be shared with anyone – This can then result in fraudulent reviews being submitted in the hopes of receiving the monetary gift card incentive. Gartner is not responsible and will not refund gift cards to vendors for reviews that are removed.
    • Additionally, this increases the risk that funds from your account will be depleted quickly. If funds are depleted and the sourcing link is still live, then you run the risk of having reviews submitted that will not be eligible to receive the gift card. Again, Gartner Peer Insights will not be held responsible for gift cards not being fulfilled due to the lack of vendor funding. If this does occur, you are responsible for either uploading additional funds, or informing the customer that they will not receive the gift card. ​​
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  • Don’t be afraid to ask. Likely a majority of your enterprise customers who utilize your product are eligible to write a review. Don’t be afraid to ask customers for a review after an important moment in their customer journey, or a recent experience with your team (support ticket close, at renewal/upgrade, pop-up alerts, etc.) as your solution is at the top of your customers’ mind in those moments. Make sure to read over the Review Moderation Guidelines to understand who can submit reviews for you. ​​
  • Educate your reviewers beforehand. It is important to tell your reviewers some of the specifics of Peer Insights to ensure their review is successfully approved and published. You should start by informing customers about Gartner and Peer Insights, provide them with instructions, and encourage high-quality answers. Reviewers should plan to set aside 10-15 minutes to finish the review. Education on review moderation can be found here Guidelines for Sourcing Strategies (section 3.4.2). ​
  • Know the guidelines. Due to the integrity and the anonymous nature of the platform, Gartner Peer Insights has robust guidelines that must be followed by all vendors listed on Peer Insights. Important things to note are:
    • Vendors may not provide more than a $25 incentive in total
    • Vendors may not ask for 5-Star reviews or positive reviews
    • At this time, all reviews must be submitted in English
    • Your Peer Insights Program Managers cannot share reviewer information with you. If a reviewer has a concern, please direct them to ​



  • Subscribe to your Review Sourcing Links. Make sure when creating review sourcing links that you are selecting “Receive email updates about this link’s performance”. This will provide you with high-level insight on your campaign directly to your email on the first of every month. If you decide you want to subscribe to the Souring Link after it has been created, there is a “Subscribe” button under every Sourcing Link in the TPT. ​

Creating Review Sourcing Links is the most important avenue for sourcing reviews. The use of Review Sourcing Links should be the only way you refer your customers to leave reviews and are strongly encouraged by Peer Insights.  


As a vendor on Peer Insights, you always have access to resources like Tips to Get Started and our Sourcing Strategies guide to help with best sourcing practices. Sourcing reviews allows your enterprise prospects and other audiences to see product experience/feedback from the customers through a third-party, trusted source, and is encouraged to make the most out of your Peer Insights program.  


If you have additional questions please reach out to your aligned Program Manager or with any questions.