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Product Profile Do’s and Don’ts


Last Updated: July 2022


We recently introduced the ability for vendors to customize their listings on Gartner Peer Insights as a way to educate end-users about their product(s) with the launch of the Product Profile. We have received a positive response from the vendor community and have been processing these requests as quickly as we can!


In order to assist with getting your profiles approved and live, here are a few helpful tips to keep in mind when filling out the profile forms.


What makes a great Profile?


Set up your profile by following the below guidelines and make it visible to your prospective customers:

  • Be factual. All included details must be publicly available
  • Mention your company name in description. For ex: CompanyX is…
  • Avoid words like: best, most, leading, award-winning, leader etc.
  • No special characters, line breaks, symbols, links, call to action or HTML tags.
  • Do not mention any personal information in the submitted content. For ex: phone, email, URL

An effective Company Description should identify your company’s overall focus and the main business problem(s) your company helps solve in up to 1000 characters. Avoid providing information already captured elsewhere in the Product Profile (e.g. annual revenue, head office location).​​


An effective Product or Service Description should identify what your product does, what its main features are, and what business problem(s) it helps solve in up to 1000 characters.​


You can also add screenshots of your product “in action” on your Product Profile. Please make sure these are actual screenshots of the product in use – not marketing materials or images that are not specific to your product.. For services, adding screenshots is optional but you can add service architecture diagrams.


Ready to get started? Check out our last blog on Product Profiles for step-by-step instructions: Now Live! New Product Profiles


Further questions? Please reach out to your aligned Program Manager or contact