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Newly Onboarded? Don’t Let Your FREE 50 Gift Cards Expire


Last Updated: October 2021


New vendors listed on Gartner Peer Insights are funded 50 $25 USD International Visa Gift cards to offer as incentives to their customers. Vendors will have 6 months from the date of Onboarding to take advantage of their Gartner funded incentives.


What is considered a “New” Vendor?


Vendors who have been recently added to Gartner Peer Insights, and have not been listed previously, are considered “new”. Vendors who have a new team member added or an additional product added are not “new”.


What if our product is listed on GPI but our company has not been active?

If your product was previously added, but no one from your company has had access to your account, you will be considered a “New” vendor. Once you complete an Onboarding, our Onboarding Specialist will activate your Gartner funded incentives.



Can I change my “start” date on the Gartner funded gift cards?

Your “start” date is the day of your Onboarding You will have 6 months to take advantage of your Gartner funded gift cards from this date. We will not be able to adjust this date to a later date.

Note: If your gift cards show they are expiring prior to this 6 months, please contact our Onboarding Specialist at She will be able to update this based on your Onboarding records.


How do I activate my Gartner Funded gift cards?

Gartner Funded gift cards are activated on our Review Sourcing Links. Click here for a tutorial on how to create a sourcing link. Please talk to your aligned Program Manager on best practices to leverage your Gartner Funded gift cards.



Are there any best practices to let customers know about the Gift Card incentives?

Access our Review Sourcing Links. Click Sourcing Template Libraryto see what verbiage is recommended for vendors to use. You will find Gartner Funded Gift cards in our Email Sourcing section.



Who is eligible to receive a Gartner funded gift card incentive?

To see which of your customers are eligible to receive a Gartner funded gift card incentive, please refer to 2.4 on our Community Guidelines.


For any questions related to your Gartner Funded gift cards, please reach out to For any other Gartner Peer Insights related questions, please reach out to your aligned Program Manager or contact