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NEW Voice of the Customer Quadrant Naming


Last Updated: August 2021


Gartner Peer Insights “Voice of the Customer” report continues to evolve and improve user experience based on end user and vendor feedback. While we have received positive feedback for the report and Customer’s Choice quadrant, we have heard from many users a need for more information on the other quadrants.


NEW Update: We are excited to introduce improved branding for the Voice of the Customer quadrants. Starting from Q4 of 2021, all Voice of the Customer quadrants will be named as the following:

  • Top-Right: Customer’s Choice
  • Top-Left: Strong Performer
  • Bottom-Right: Established
  • Bottom-Left: Aspiring



How to Interpret the Quadrants: For details on each quadrant, please refer to the latest version of the GPI Voice of the Customer Methodology. Here is a general idea of what placement in each quadrant means:

  • Upper-Right Quadrant: Vendors in this quadrant are given a Customer’s Choice distinction for exceeding both market average for the overall rating and user interest & adoption. Vendors in this quadrant cover a large sample size, diverse coverage, and showcase high enthusiasm based on the user experience.
  • Upper-Left Quadrant: Vendors who are a Strong Performer have strong ratings for Overall Rating relative to the market but below the market average for User Interest and Adoption, indicating either lower volume, narrower market coverage, or low willingness to recommend. These vendors can be worthy of investigation as they have a strong product and may excel at specific industries, regions, or organization sizes.
  • Lower-Right Quadrant: Established vendors who have higher-than-average User Interest and Adoption (meaning lots of presence), but the Overall Ratings are less than the market average. These vendors are important for they have a high review volume, user interest, and users are willing to recommend them.
  • Lower-Left Quadrant: Aspiring vendors who have ratings less than the market average Overall Rating and have lower-than-average User Interest and Adoption, but can be worthy of consideration for users depending on specific use cases. These vendors could be new to the enterprise space, innovating rapidly, and trying to reach long-term viability within the market.

Additional information:

  • This update is for documents starting from Q4 2021 and does not apply to already published documents.
  • The marketing media kit will be available starting Q4 of 2021 before the first document with this naming is published.
  • The exact dates will be available in the coming weeks.

For additional information, please contact your assigned Program Manager or email us at