Blog – New Markets Opened on Gartner Peer Insights in 2021!

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New Markets Opened on Gartner Peer Insights in 2021!


Last Updated: December 2021

In keeping with our goal to expand Gartner Peer Insights to cover additional markets, we will continue to roll out new markets in a controlled fashion. The list of all market categories available on Gartner Peer Insights can be found here.


Below is a list of new markets added to Gartner Peer insights as of December 2021:


AI-Enabled Translation Services

B2B Customer Community Platforms

Benchmarking Services for Transportation Rates and Logistics Performance Metrics

Cloud, Extended Planning and Analysis Solutions

Cloud Fax Solutions

Cloud Management Tooling

Consumption-Based Pricing for Data Center Infrastructure

Corporate ESG Ratings & Research

Corporate Legal Matter Management

Corporate Legal Spend Management and E-Billing

CSP Business Support System Solutions

CSP Operations Support System Solutions

CSP Revenue Management and Monetization Solutions

Customer Journey Analytics

Customer Success Management Platforms

Data Center Outsourcing and Hybrid Infrastructure Managed Services (Global)

Desktop as a Service

Digital Commerce Payment Vendors

Digital Customer Service and Support Technologies

Digital Health Platform for Healthcare Providers

Employee Communications Applications

Energy Trade and Risk Management Systems

E-Sourcing Applications

Global Trade Management

Graph Database Management Solutions

In-App Protection

Insider Risk Management Solutions

Integrated Invoice-to-Cash Applications

Intranet Packaged Solutions

Marketing Work Management Platforms

Marketplace Operation Applications

Medical Device Security Solutions

Mobile Workforce Management Software for Utilities

Multicountry Payroll Solutions

Next-Generation Interactive Patient Care

Oil and Gas Upstream Modeling Suites

Oracle Cloud Infrastructure Professional and Managed Services

Revenue Data Solutions

Services Integration and Management Services

Speech-to-Text Solutions

Subscription and Recurring Billing Management

Subject Rights Request Automation

Supplier Sustainability Applications

Technologies Supporting a DTO

Third-Party Risk Management Solutions for Compliance

Transportation Mobility

Value Stream Delivery Platforms

Video Platform Services

Virtual Care Solutions



How to request your product be added to a new market:


Vendors may submit their requests through the Gartner Peer Insights Technology Provider Tool;

  • Go to the Markets and Products tab found under your Technology Provider Profile dropdown 
  • Select the blue “Add or manage Products” button
  • Submit your request to be added to the new market. Please include any notes/supporting documentation that will assist our team in making a decision when you send over the completed information

Please note: The Market alignment team will leverage your publicly available information to ensure that your solution meets the minimum requirements to be added to the market. Please make sure to include a link to where your solution capabilities are listed on your publicly available website.


The Gartner Peer Insights market alignment team will review Vendor’s request per the Evaluation Criteria and, at their sole discretion, will provide a final determination, as to whether a product or service fits in a market.


For additional questions please reach out to your aligned Program Manager or