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Join the Customer First Program and Commit to Representative Reviews


Last Updated: October 1, 2022

Tech buyers in today’s world are more skilled at reading between the lines of your marketing materials than ever before, and their behavior shows it – Enterprise buyers most often look to third party analyst firms like Gartner, their peers, and online reviews to aid in their buying process more than any other channel of information.

When prospects come to Gartner Peer Insights, they aren’t looking for cherry-picked reviews, they’re looking for reviews that convey the honest, real experiences that come from a representative sample of your customers.

At Gartner Peer Insights, we want that too. Not only do our end-users rely on us to provide them with unbiased, vetted reviews, but Gartner research also relies on rich, trustworthy reviews to support deliverables for our enterprise end-users and technology providers like yourself.

Our hope is that you’re on the same page, and that you also want a wide availability of honest, data-rich reviews for prospective buyers to explore.

We’ve developed a program to reward those technology providers that value the same type of reviews that we do, and are committed to making the reviews industry even better. These technology providers recognize that honest, unbiased peer reviews are beneficial to understanding their current customer base and building credibility with prospective customers. They welcome both positive and negative feedback , and look to leverage these customer insights to drive product development

What is the Customer First Program?

The Gartner Peer Insights Customer First Program is an organization’s commitment to unbiased, representative reviews by programmatically asking all customers to complete a review on Gartner Peer Insights. The program is designed to further solidify the trust and credibility that exists between all stakeholders in the Gartner Peer Insights community. Learn more about the Customer First Program here.

Those vendors that commit to the Customer First Program are able to access Readership Analytics for their reviews after meeting specific requirements. Learn more about Readership Analytics here.

What do I need to do?

First, fill out our Customer First Program Interest Form. This is the first step to indicate you are interested so that our team can reach out to you to discuss participation details and requirements.

As part of the program, you’re asked to do four key requirements:

1. Senior-level commitment to the program on behalf of your organization

2. Insert “write a review” Widget prominently on your external website

3. Implement at least one Gartner approved programmatic sourcing strategy

4. Source 25+ published reviews in a market in the past 12 months

Let’s break each requirement down a bit more:

1. Senior-level commitment to the program on behalf of your organization

The Customer First Program is an organization’s commitment to unbiased, representative reviews, not just a single team or individual commitment. We ask that a senior-level decision-maker agree to participate in the program to ensure that this is an organization-level commitment. Participants eligible to participate in this Program on behalf of their organization include roles like CEO, CMO, VP Marketing, or VP Customer Success.

We recognize that this senior-level decision maker may not be managing the day-to-day operations of Gartner Peer Insights, and that’s okay! You’ll be able to identify who the “Program Lead” is so that we can ensure that they have access to all appropriate information, updates, and necessary access.

Note: Your Program Manager will provide you with the agreement form directly.

2. Insert “write a review” Widget prominently on your external website

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A part of being open to honest, representative reviews is to ensure that all of your customers have access to the ability to write a review. We ask you to integrate a review sourcing widget prominently on your public-facing website to signal to your customers that you care about their feedback, and give the opportunity to all customers to submit a review.

Similarly, when prospects see the Widget on your site, they can read your reviews and see that you have nothing to hide when it comes to your presence on Gartner Peer Insights.

To make this step as easy for you as possible, we provide you with multiple dynamic Widgets to choose from. You can access the widgets at any time via the Tools tab within your Technology Provider Tools back-end portal. In the widget section, we include step-by-step instructions and FAQs so your web team can seamlessly integrate the widget into your external website. Learn more.

3. Implement at least one Gartner approved programmatic sourcing strategy

Since the inception of our Vendor Success Team, we have monitored and analyzed the specific sourcing strategies that result in the most representative reviews submitted. We ask you to implement at least of these programmatic sourcing strategies as part of the Customer First Program to solidify your actions towards gathering honest reviews from all customers.

Pick at least one of these programmatic sourcing strategies to implement:

  •  Email an invitation to review to all customers as part of your NPS survey, not just your 8-10 scores (typically twice per year)
  •  Integrate with your events strategy (user conferences, industry events, digital events))
  •  Include a link in customer communications such as a customer portal or newsletters
  • Integrate with the customer onboarding process for all customers equally (email an invitation to review a solution after each deployment)
  • Include in the support ticket resolution workflow as part of a follow-up ticket resolution survey for all tickets
  • Other (please specify)

We recognize that you may have a great idea that isn’t on the above list, and we know that each organization is different…This is not meant to be a “one size fits all” approach. Talk with your Program Manager about your programmatic sourcing strategy for approval.

Note: We ask you to submit “proof” of the strategies implemented via screenshot/links/etc. so our team can validate your integration of the strategy.

Pro Tip: We say at least one, but our most successful organizations on Gartner Peer Insights typically incorporate 2-3 of these to yield hundreds of representative reviews, year over year.

4. Source 25+ published reviews in a market in the past 12 months

We keep using the phrase representative reviews – And for good reason. Your reviews should be typical of the wider base of customers that you have. To meet this, just a small handful of reviews is not enough! We determined from end-user feedback that 25+ published reviews sourced from your efforts is a great start to showing prospective customers what the average experience looks like for your solution in a market.

In order for our team to track your participation (and for you to be able to see reporting aligned to the Customer First Program) you will be required to use our custom review sourcing links to ask your customers for review.

Again – We cannot stress enough how important it is to insert a custom review sourcing link into your ask for a review. These review sourcing links can be generated directly from the Technology Provider Tools dashboard under the “Tools” tab and should be inserted/hyperlinked/included in any CTA to “Write a review.” These links come with custom reporting so you are able to see how many reviews came directly from your efforts, and our team can track reviews sourced from your efforts in order to unlock your Readership Analytics.

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I did all of the above – What does this mean for me?

First, thank you! Your efforts will help us transform the way enterprise tech solutions are bought and sold, and your steps do not go unnoticed. We want to give you something back in return for this commitment, through insights and understanding who is reading your reviews with context.

Organizations that commit to the Customer First Program will be able to “unlock” Readership Analytics data after soliciting 25+ published reviews in a market, in a year.

Learn more about Readership Analytics here

Access to Readership Analytics is available exclusively to technology providers through the Customer First Program and is available via the “Tools” tab in your Technology Provider Tools portal.

Don’t worry – We’ll keep track and highlight how many more published reviews you will need to unlock the data (using your data from your review sourcing links – like we told you before, it’s critical to use them!):

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Can you tell me more about Readership Analytics?

We are launching initially with ‘your interest data’. This includes trends as to what percent of readers are looking at you in a market. We calculate this by taking into account your pageviews across your product pages, comparisons done with your products, individual reviews read, and traffic to market pages. You will be able to manipulate the data to see trends over time to understand what percent of all readers in a market are looking at your reviews.

We will also show your position in a market (most visited, 2nd, 3rd, etc.) relative to the other vendors in your market. This data can also be customized to see trends over time.

Are there any other Readership Analytics you will share?

Yes! We will continue to release new data cuts and insights over the next few months, looking to provide you with additional details into the specific demographics of your readers. Keep an eye out for new releases over the next coming weeks, we have a lot we are developing for you!

Where can I go to learn more?

Try the below links to dig a little deeper into the specifics:

I want to join now!

Great, we are so excited to flip the script on the enterprise tech reviews space with you by our side!

Please contact your Program Manager directly or email us at to discuss participation details and requirements.