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Introducing the New Peer Insights Help Center


Last Updated: January 1, 2023


There’s a new feature added to your Technology Provider Tools (TPT) portal that we are thrilled to share with you – The new Peer Insights Help Center for Vendors! You can now stay updated and efficiently navigate through all Peer Insights resources to find exactly what you need.



There are already integrations that have taken place, such as:

  • Chat Box (Messages tab) – Select from a pre-populated list of options to help you get started with Peer Insights. You will get links to relevant information to guide you through completing that specific task.

  • Search (Help tab) – All Gartner Peer Insights content is now easily accessible and searchable so that you can find information and answers quicker than ever. Find information to help you set up your Peer Insights presence, better understand review sourcing, tools for marketing Peer Insights, Peer Insights Guidelines, and more.


    Tip: You can even search a single word and the Peer Insights Help Center will give you a variety of results that match that one word. You will have detailed information about any Peer Insights topic at your fingertips!

  • News – find the most up to date news, information, and future blogs here. You’ll be able to see a quick summary of the most recently published news article, as well as tags at the top of each to give you an idea of what that news is about in one or two words. You’ll always be in the loop thanks to the News section!

  • Automated Email Communications – Receive email communications based on where you are in your Peer Insights journey. These will help you with your next steps to stay active and updated on Peer Insights.

The new Peer Insights Help Center is changing the way you can find answers to questions, resources, and best practices in the Technology Provider Tool Portal, and we will continue to build out this resource throughout 2023. Stay on the lookout for more updates coming soon!


If there is any topic you would like to see added to the new Help Center, please let your Program Manager know or email us at