Blog – Introducing the GartnerⓇ Peer Insights™ Content Compliance Policy

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Introducing the GartnerⓇ Peer Insights™ Content Compliance Policy



Last Updated: January 1, 2023


Gartner Peer Insights is different from traditional Gartner expert opinion research. In order to make it easier for vendors to understand the difference between the compliance guidelines that apply to use of Gartner Peer Insights content vs. Gartner expert opinion research, we have introduced the Gartner Peer Insights Content Compliance Policy.


You can find the full policy here: You should review the full policy prior to generating your draft materials.


Once your draft promotional materials are complete, please submit them online in an editable format so that the Content Compliance team may provide a full compliance review prior to external sharing. Note: promotional materials that are not complete will not be approved.


We encourage the use of the templates that can be found in the Marketing Tools section of the Technology Provider Tool when generating your draft marketing materials. These templates come pre-built with the required Peer Insights disclaimer(s). Marketing materials generated by using these templates still need to be reviewed by the Garner Content Compliance team for final approval prior to external sharing.


If you have any questions, please reach out to your Program Manager or contact