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Introducing Mayank: Gartner Peer Insights’ New Group VP


Last Updated: September 1, 2022


Hot off the press – Gartner Peer Insights has a new Group VP, Mayank Mehta!


We are so excited to introduce Mayank Mehta, former Gartner Peer Insights GVP for Community, to everyone. Mayank’s past experiences are highlighted in the image below and you can listen to his introduction to vendors via the July 2022 Technology Provider Webinar.



Wondering what excites Mayank in his new role? He is excited to work with the GPI team in becoming the platform of choice for business and technology leaders to learn from each other.


“We know business is moving faster than ever before, and with all the volatility and uncertainty, peer-led insights will play a critical role in helping users drive decisions. While we are already best-in-class for software ratings & reviews and will continue to focus on improving our offering here, we are also going to ensure we build a thriving community for users to learn from each other through data, discussions, and connections, addressing frequent user needs to gain peer insights on their tactical, leadership, and strategic questions”.


When asked about his philosophy on interacting with vendors, he stated,


“As announced, vendors will very much be a part of this journey with us on two fronts. One, all roles will be able to join the platform soon and interact with their peers (primarily by function or department). We are excited that we will shortly be able to welcome all of you on the platform! Two, we will continue to invest in the TPT to enhance the insights and data we offer”.


His message to vendors is that he is always open to hearing from you on what we at Gartner Peer Insights can do to further improve our platform and better serve our clients, and he is excited to learn through those interactions.


Mayank currently lives in San Francisco with his wife and two daughters and loves all things tech, music, and Formula 1.


We wish our previous Group VP, Anaotli Olkhovets, all the best in his new role with Gartner and can’t wait to see what the future holds with Mayank!