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Incentive Policy: Your Most Popular Questions, Answered


Last Updated: September 2021


Incentivizing your customers to leave a review is a common practice organizations will employ to increase the # of review submissions. Before moving forward with any strategy it’s important to understand Gartner’s Incentive Policy.


Below you’ll find a list of commonly asked questions that will ensure your company’s compliance. Please see our Community Guidelines Section 3.4.1 About Incentivized Reviews: For Vendors and our Technology Provider FAQs for additional information.


Can vendors offer incentives to their customers?

  • Yes, vendors may offer customers incentives to submit reviews. Per the FTC Guidelines on Endorsements, incentives must be of nominal value, defined as $25 or less.
  • In order to assist Vendors in their sourcing efforts, Gartner will directly incentivize reviewers coming from review sourcing links with the incentive of the vendors’ choosing. Gartner Peer Insights provides vendors different incentive options to offer their customers to submit reviews. Vendors can create review sourcing links and can opt-in to distribute incentives to reviewers directly through their Technology Provider Tools portal.

What incentive options does Gartner offer as part of the Gartner Peer Insights vendor program?

  • Gartner Funded Gift Cards – New vendors are offered 50 $25 USD International Visa Gift Cards to use in their first 6 months. These can also be applied as a charity donation.
  • Vendor Funded Gift Cards – Vendors can fund their own gift cards, up to $5,000 USD per market per calendar year. Each gift card is valued at $25 USD, which is in line with Gartner’s incentive policy and as required by FTC Guidelines.
  • Gartner Peer Insights Plus 3-month membership – A research subscription for IT professionals to equip them with latest IT research and insights to keep them ahead on technology and trends. This subscription entitles them access to: 50+ Role-focused IT research every month (across IT roles), 15+ Industry-focused IT research every month (across industries), Curated selection of IT News & Insights from top publishers around the world

When creating review sourcing links, are we able to offer a choice of incentive, i.e. the $25 gift card OR Gartner Peer Insights Plus, and the reviewer can select which one they would like?

  • At this time, a single incentive type is aligned to each review sourcing link. If you would like to give the customer the option to select which incentive they would like to receive, please create two separate review sourcing links – one for each incentive. Please see our Sourcing Template Library for an example outreach.

I thought I saw that new vendors get access to 50 free $25 gift cards – Is this true?

  • In order to assist vendors in their sourcing efforts, Gartner provides all recent GPI- onboarded organizations with 50 complimentary $25 gift cards for a period of 6 months following the onboarding call. Vendors have the option of having Gartner offer their customers either a $25 Visa international gift card or a $25 donation to charity in exchange for a review that is published on Gartner Peer Insights. Vendors must use the Review Sourcing Links available in the Technology Provider Tools portal to opt in and monitor incentive allotments to their customers.

We were onboarded but didn’t get a chance to use our 50 free gift cards. Can you extend the period for us, please?

  • No. Access to the 50 complimentary $25 gift cards is for a period of 6 months following the onboarding call only.

Can we change the value of incentives? For example, I want to offer my customers $15, not $25.

  • At this time, each gift card is valued at $25 USD. This is the standard denomination for both Gartner funded gift cards as well as vendor funded gift cards. Gartner reserves the right to retain/change the unit value of each incentive to any amount up to $25 USD, in line with Gartner’s policies.

Are the gift cards Amazon gift cards?

  • No, we do not offer Amazon gift cards.

Are the Visa gift cards available in USD only?

  • We now offer an international Visa gift card valued at $25 USD to all reviewers. The international Visa gift card can be used in 140+ countries and redeemed in the currency of their country. For questions about specific countries, please reach out to directly.

For the charity donation – Can customers pick their own charity, or do they select from a list of pre-selected charities?

  • After the review is approved by our moderation team, your customer will receive next steps to select the charity for their $25 donation. See a list of the US based charities via our Technology Provider FAQs.

How do the reviewers get their incentive? Do we need to do anything on our end?

  • After the review is approved by our moderation team, your customer will receive an email confirming they have earned a gift card. The customer will then need to visit the Your Reviews section of their Gartner Peer Insights User Profile where they will see an option to “Claim Your Reward” to redeem the gift card.

Can government employees receive any of the incentives?

  • No. Per our Community Guidelines, government employees are not eligible to receive any incentive (this also applies to Gartner Peer Insights Plus). These reviewers are notified directly by our team via email that we are not able to send them the Gartner-funded incentive as it violates Gartner’s legal policies. Here is an example of the messaging that is sent: “Unfortunately, we cannot provide you with a gift card because doing so violates Gartner’s legal policy prohibiting gifts to any Public Sector enterprise or Government body. In case you don’t want your review to be published or need any more information about your submitted review contact us at”

Do incentives expire?

  • Visa International gift cards have an expiration date stated on them. For our Visa International gift card, it is 4 months to claim and 7 months to redeem. Expired gift card codes become invalid once the expiration date arrives and cannot return into the cycle.

We are planning to add gift cards funds to our account, but we want them used only for 1 specific market. Can we align the incentives to be used only for a specific market?

  • Yes. Allocation of incentives by market is possible. Tech Providers that have products listed in more than one market, can manage, distribute or restrict funds usage to specific markets. The feature is only applicable to vendor funded incentives and does not extend to Gartner funded ones. For more information, visit our Market Allocation of Funded Incentives. If you would like to allocate your funds to specific market/s, please reach out to your Program Manager directly.

My customer didn’t receive their incentive. Who should they contact?

  • If your customer does not receive an incentive, please have your customer reach out to directly. Your Gartner Peer Insights Program Manager cannot confirm with any vendor contact if a specific customer received/should have received an incentive as per our anonymity policies.

Can customers who update their reviews get a gift card?

  • Reviewers do not receive an additional gift card when they update a past review. Please see the Community Guidelines for additional information.

Are any incentives available outside the Gartner Peer Insights Plus, $25 Visa gift card or $25 charity donation?

  • Vendors are encouraged to leverage Gartner-approved-incentive programs if they choose to offer incentives to their customers. If a vendor opts to offer their customers incentives outside of a Gartner-approved incentive program, the vendor must adhere to Community Guidelines Section 3.4.1 .

Can you tell me which customers submitted a review so I can give them my own incentive?

  • We are very careful to shield the identity and ensure the anonymity of our reviewers in order to encourage them to be as candid as possible and provide all relevant details about the products and services they review. There are no plans to change this. Once a reviewer signs into the platform, the information about the reviewer and the review is treated as private and confidential information owned by the reviewer. Gartner Peer Insights does not have permission to share this information. Please see the Community Guidelines for additional information.

Can I give my customers the $25 gift card from the link and then give our own $25 on top of it?

  • No. Per Community Guidelines Section 3.4.1 “Vendors may not offer more than one incentive to a reviewer for publication of an individual review nor may they offer an incentive in combination with an incentive offered by Gartner.”

Can I give my customers a $50 gift card as a “thank you” for the review?

Can I host a raffle with the chance to win 1 larger item? For example, “Leave a review and get entered for the chance to win an iPad!”?

I want to offer my customers “points” through our community portal in exchange for a review. Can I do this?

  • Per Community Guidelines Section 3.4.1 “Any non-monetary incentive offered by a vendor must not exceed $25 USD in value.” When offering community points, please ensure you are following this guidance. In the case of community points, our team cannot validate if specific individuals submitted reviews or not. Management of this program would rely on the reviewers self-identifying to you that they submitted a review, and your team to manage the administrative aspects.

We are planning on giving an incentive to only the customers who leave a 5-star review, and if they are going to leave a less than 5-star review we want to funnel them to our customer support team. How would we do this with the sourcing links?

  • Per Community Guidelines Section 3.4.1 “Offer incentives equally for all reviews, not just the positive ones. And offer them to all customers you invite, not just the happy ones.” In this case, this strategy would be in direct violation of our Community Guidelines. When reaching out to customers, provide all customers the opportunity to leave their honest feedback.

What are some ideas of incentives other vendors have offered at their in-person event?

  • Per Community Guidelines Section 3.4.1 “Any non-monetary incentive offered by a vendor must not exceed $25 USD in value.” If you would like to hand out a physical thank you gift at your event, some frequently used items that are less than $25 include t-shirts, portable chargers, stuffed animals to take home to kids, and even mini-drones.

What happens if a vendor violates the guidelines?

  • Vendors who violate the guidelines may be subject to penalties imposed both by Gartner and under the law. Penalties may include a comment on the vendor’s profile, suspension of services, or other to be determined at our discretion.

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