Blog – In-Person Events are Back: Are You Ready To Source Reviews?

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In-Person Events are Back: Are You Ready To Source Reviews?


Last Updated: June 2021


Beginning July-September, vendor in-person customer events will begin to resume.


As you are looking at your holistic year-round strategies to ask customers for reviews, consider setting up a space at your event to ask for a Gartner Peer Insights review.


Did you know? Sourcing at events is one of the top strategies leveraged by vendors for obtaining reviews!


If you plan on hosting a Gartner Peer Insights space at your event to collect reviews from attendees, here are a few things to consider:

  • Events Preparation Guide: An all-inclusive guide on how to run a successful event and collect reviews.
  • Pre Event: This will help you to prepare in the months leading up to your event.
  • At Event: Best practices for engaging with customers, managing the flow of activity around review submissions, and having a successful experience.
  • Post Event: Don’t forget to follow up!
  • Marketing Tools: Resources to help you promote ratings, reviews, and guide your marketing and communications.
  • “Event” style sourcing link: Make sure you click “Event” in Step 3 when creating your sourcing link(s).
  • Schedule a call with your Program Manager to discuss best practices and how you can maximize your presence at these events.

Key Takeaway? It’s never too early to start preparing for events.


The reviews are powerful, they help shape your product, customer journey while, ultimately, helping you to meet your customers’ needs.


For any questions, please reach out to your aligned Program Manager or contact