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Improved Visuals on Peer Lessons Learned Reprint


Last Updated: August 2021


Based on feedback and requests we are updating the Peer Lessons Learned document to provide more value to end user readers. We’ve addressed two user cases with this added image:

  • Case 1: Being able to preview the content of the note.
  • Case 2: Making it easier to share a graphical summary internally.

See new document layout below. We’ve begun publishing notes with these improvements, starting with the Digital Experience Platforms market published July 2021.



Since 2019, we’ve published 180+ Peer Lessons Learned notes and 43+ published year-to-date. This well established document is being used to educate buyers early in the sales funnel and according to Gartner research IT buyers value third party thought leadership content when making a purchasing decision more than any other content type.



View recording below (Clicking on the image will play recording)


Contact your aligned Program Manager if you want to discuss reprinting the note. If you don’t know who your Program Manager is please email


Note: Peer Lessons Learned documents will generally publish 6-months after the related MQ/MG. Visit our Roadmap to find out if your market has or will be publishing a note soon or simply search